Monday Song: Flying Lotus

By Stefano Nappa
2 min read

Flying Lotus is the center of attention on the web, this year he found hiself once again on the list of the best producers in the world.

A few weeks ago, his latest album was awarded at the Libera Awards as Best Dance/Eletronic Album of The Year.

Flamagra, which we absolutely recommend, is his sixth album and is something never experienced before by a music enthusiasts and people in general. His records are always an innovative experience, they remain impressed from the very first listening.

His sound and emotional, almost cinematic compositions couldn’t help but end up on our Monday Song.

Flying Lotus

For those who don’t know him yet, his real name is Steven Ellison and he was born in Los Angeles, California.

His grandmother, Marilyn McLeod (singer-songwriter), has cradled him among precious sounds rich in Afro history since he was a child, many of these had a jazz nature also because he is the great-grandson of the late pianist Alice Coltrane and cousin of Ravi Coultrane.

So in his DNA you won’t find a simple staff… there you’ll find the musical revolution of an entire genre, also thanks to his supreme love for the master John Coltrane.

Hypnotized by the sound created by Jay Dilla and Madlib during the years of Detroit-LA collaborations, Flying Lotus personalizes a sound that combines hip-hop, electronics, soul, sounds and jazzy scores improvised in Miles Davis’ style.

In 2007 he signed an EP with Warp Records for the release of Reset an EP, the six tracks that split all music critics but also public opinion in two (as is almost always the case for every Warp album), followed by the records entitled Los Angeles and Cosmogramma which won the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards trophy.

«Waiting for calm, quiet, silence and tranquility to arrive»

Until The Quiet Comes

Until The Quiet Comes, from which we selected our tracks for our Monday playlist, is the main concept behind the fluid link between the tracks that forces the listener to forget the skip button to change the track .

fluing lotus

Figures like: Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, Niki Randa in two tracks and Laura Darlington took part in this project.

Each one of these artists adapted to the expressive shades of Flying Lotus and this is a sign of great respect from artists who are much more famous than him. This means that they have embraced his mentality, which doesn’t happen often.

Have you ever listened to a vinyl 33 rpm at the speed of a single one? Well, Flying Lotus will give you the same feeling at first, but that sound will transmit you the most beautiful sensation ever.

Today is Monday again as it will be next week, what song breaks your silence today?

Don’t Sleeepp On ThissS!

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