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Nio Cocktails, home mixologist

By Monica Camozzi
4 min read

Nio was born from the classic situation: winter evening, at table with four friends. «What shall we drink after dinner?» The usual limoncello, the usual amaro, or… a well-made cocktail? This is how we came up with Nio and made it a reality.

Alessandro Lo Presti, marketing manager Nio

Did you know that The Old Fashioned was conceived at the end of the 19th century at the Waldorf Astoria in New York?

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And that Bitters were used to treat diseases? Have you ever tried the Milano Torino based on Vermouth and Bitter? History and taste buds sparkle with Nio, a wonderful mix (it must be said!) of skills and passion that brings the best cocktails in the world to your home. Italy, UK and now also France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia and Northern Europe! Home mixologist with the perfect doses and the procedure certified by the founders and the number 45 in the world in the bartender ranking, Patrick Pistolesi, soul of Drink Kong in Rome.

Nio, home mixologist for whiskey enthusiasts

Of course, The Old Fashioned is a myth. Defined as unforgettable, it was born in New York in the late nineteenth century at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, a well-known luxury hotel.


Colonel James Pepper, a member of the Louisville Pendennis Club used to be a regular at the Waldorf. He had tasted a drink very similar to the Old Fashioned, specifically invented for him, a lover of old style whiskey. At his arrival at the Astoria, he taught the barman the recipe they had created for him at the Pendennis, creating a cocktail that made history. But Nio goes further and suggests flavors that are chosen by elective affinity: Rich Bulleit Bourbon that meets the characteristic flavor of lemon for a refreshing whiskey cocktail in Whiskey Sour. Or the Boulevardier, where Bulleit Bourbon adds rich warmth to this sophisticated sweet and sour cocktail.

The dispute over the origin of whiskey

Whiskey is considered the ideal beverage to reflect! Scotland and Ireland have always contended for its origins: the rivalry between Scotch Whiskey and Irish Whiskey is still very intense today, although in recent decades the Japanese and American spirits have met with great success. But who invented it?


Both the Scots and the Irish claim to be the first who invented it. According to historians, the first to make it in 500 AD were the Gaelic Vikings, who ruled over much of the Irish Sea and western Scotland.

Not only do we give a composition to mix with Patrick Pistolesi’s viaticum, but we also guarantee a high selection of ingredients. Everything is designed to be served in the classic tumbler, in fact the cocktail once poured arrives exactly on board. The pack is recyclable, with FSC cardboard and 45% plant-based plastic.

Alessandro Lo Presti, marketing manager Nio

Did you know that Bitter was medical and now it’s magic?

Our home mixologists also do edutainment for us! The Bitters, for example, were used to treat the numerous diseases that used to affect people before the discovery of penicillin. The high alcohol content, in fact, guaranteed a complete extraction of the active ingredients of the botanicals aimed at soothing ailments. Bitters find their basis in roots, bark, spices, seeds and other herbaceous or vegetable ingredients. Many define it as a spirit drink obtained from various herbal drugs, used, due to its eupeptic properties, as an aperitif; if richer in alcohol, as a digestive.

For a better tasting, it is recommended to drink the cocktail with your eyes closed! It is strongly suggested to savor the Milano Torino, a classic Italian sweet and sour cocktail with Vermouth Cocchi and Bitter Campari which is the basis of most of the Italian Bitters.

The mixture of sugar, water and lemon (we use citric acid to deliver the cocktail home) prevented the sailors from getting sick during the voyages. There was also a legendary nineteenth-century liqueur, which promised the ladies to make people fall in love immediately. Our mission is to expand the culture of good drinking, which already exists.

Alessandro Lo Presti, marketing manager Nio

Nio, mixologist at home: the ideal aperitif with Acqua di Parma


Now that spring is approaching, one of the many special editions of Nio Cocktails is perfect: born in collaboration with Acqua di Parma, the ideal aperitif on the terrace! The kit includes a citrus spice-based candle and everything needed to make the iconic Negroni and the elegant Cosmopolitan. Our home mixologists have thought of everything, you have to put glasses and ice in it… and you will experience the authentic Italian aperitif.

Written by
Monica Camozzi
Journalist since 25 years, copywriter, storyteller, passionate of made in Italy, business adventures and new challenges.
4 min read


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