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Nomadic Cocktails

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Il bancone del Bizarre, a Bologna

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Suggested by a great bartender! 

Has it ever occurred to you that a great barman is like a chef? He uses alchemy, mixes, distills, and studies continuously. Enry Scarzella, the soul of Bizarre in Bologna, suggests a couple of “nomadic” drinks that you can enjoy peacefully at home during this period of compulsory isolation.

We invite you to taste them all, but first, let’s discover who is Scarzella and why it is worth paying a visit to his magnificent cave of wonders with 12 seats in Bologna.  

Two signature nomadic cocktails. Nomadic because you can take them everywhere 

We won’t make you make strange things, like vacuum-packing or baking (yes, great bartenders like Enry Scarzella do that too). All you need is an extractor and a Collins glass, and you can make the syrup you need for your nomadic drinks by yourself!  

The bar has approached the kitchen. Following Ferran Adria’s footsteps and his mousses, the molecular gastronomy has moved to the bar”.  

Enry Scarzella

Enry Scarzella, like all great bartenders, studies the classical foundations known worldwide (IBA list), and then he varies them. At the same time, he reinterprets alchemy, such as the work he did with one of the most mediocre cocktails of the 1980s, the Malibu, which he turned into a masterpiece

Scarzella has made a reinterpretation of it with a base of rum he implemented the ‘fate wash’ technique and added vegetable oils to flavor it. And so, the Malibu has become white-rum-based with coconut oil flavoring! 

The first cocktail: you’ll have to practice making it!  

For the first one of Enry Scarzella’s nomadic drinks, you will need 90 ml of pineapple extract, 30 ml of fresh lemon juice, 15 ml of cherry syrup, and a strawberry.

For the preparation of the syrup: boil 100 ml of water and put the extract inside it, then leave it for about 5/7 min. After that, pour 200 gr of white sugar and put it on the stove on low heat. Stir until the sugar melts and wait for it to cool. After that, put the chopped pieces of strawberry in the shaker, mash it and add the other ingredients. Remove the excess water, and with the help of the strainer, pour the drink into the Collins glass and garnish it with a strawberry and a pineapple leaf.  

The nomadic alcoholic drink: My Espresso Martini 

Scarzella suggests these ingredients: licorice-flavored vodka, coffee liqueur, and white chocolate sugar syrup. The syrup is made at low temperature with Roner (mix 150 gm of white sugar, 300 gm of chocolate and 100 ml of water, and boil it for two hours).  

And if you want to enjoy an authentic non-alcoholic drink, here it is a very simple recipe: orange juice, grapefruit, lime juice, and orange-and-cinnamon-flavored syrup. The syrup should be prepared by boiling 100 ml of water and putting the infusion for about 5/7 min; then pour 200 gm of white sugar, put it on the stove on low heat and mix until the sugar dissolves well. Mash the three blackberries in the shaker, add the other ingredients and then shake it with ice. And finally, garnish!  

Here they come: cocktails inspired by ten of the most famous paintings in the world  

Do you want nomadic auteur cocktails? You can find them at Bizarre in Bologna.

Amazing cocktails inspired by the colors and the history of the painters of ten of the most famous masterpieces in the world, among them: The Mona Lisa, Munch’s The Scream, Botticelli’s Venus… This project, conceived by Bizarre in Bologna, makes the cocktails’ mixology become a real art.  

It is the proof that the world of bartenders will reach the level of chefs very soon. The only problem is that there is more hesitation towards alcoholic drinks than towards food. Yet the skills are the same. The quality of the alcoholic drink increases when the raw materials have excellent quality.  

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