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One day with Tesla

By Sara Stefanovic
6 min read

Have you already experienced the thrill of getting on a Tesla? If it hasn’t happened to you yet, we’ll describe it to you. On the occasion of our Cover N_TRE we were lucky enough to delve into this vehicle that seems to come from the future. The door opens with a button, you press it, open it and to welcome you you will find a very bright state-of-the-art screen that updates you on the status of the car. Nothing on your right, gearbox and handbrake are superfluous, and that space, once you have overcome the missing gearbox syndrome, can be filled giving free rein to creativity.

The steering wheel is still there, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The real change is the signal of the autonomy of the car which, in Tesla’s case, is represented by the symbol of a battery that is very reminiscent of that of the smartphone. And speaking of smartphones, that is our best ally to always keep an eye on the status of our vehicle. You can control almost everything from your smartphone, just download the app.

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The Tesla app puts owners in direct communication with their vehicles, anytime, anywhere. With the app you can:

  • Check the state of charge in real time and start or stop the charging process;
  • Warm up or cool down the vehicle before driving;
  • Opening or closing the vehicle remotely;
  • Locate the vehicle using directions or trace its movements (perfect for those who tend to forget where they parked);
  • Allow passengers to quickly check multimedia content;
  • Flashing the headlights or honking the horn to locate the vehicle in a parking lot, a sort of Find My Tesla.
  • Opening or closing the panoramic roof …

Being able to handle the car in this way seems truly surreal, but there’s more. If you are able to use the Autopilot, you can even take your hands off the wheel and dedicate your time to other activities. Imagine having the chance to carry on with your work while the car is queuing and stressing for you.

Marco Ferri

The self-driving Tesla can perceive the road at 360° and follow the best path to avoid obstacles. This means that each car can brake on its own and dodge any obstacle, displaying it well in advance of the human eye. In addition, thanks to the sonar and proximity sensors, it is able to set the safety distance best suited to the driving speed, in order to reduce the possibility of rear-end collisions to almost zero even in heavy traffic conditions. But we don’t want to bore you with other technical specifications. We want to tell you some curiosities about this company that is on everyone’s lips.

Do you know the company’s mission?

Tesla’s Mission is: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. This is really the core principle on which the company bases its work. The aim is to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable and sustainable energy as much as possible.

How has the company changed in recent years following the pandemic?

Tesla has always been an innovative and highly technological company, which distinguished itself from other companies in the automotive sector for the purchasing process. A Tesla can be purchased exclusively online at, like any other online purchase. The classic process we are used to of the dealer> seller> negotiation> sale is not present.

Tesla Stores or Tesla Centers are useful if you need to speak with Tesla Advisors, that is qualified Tesla personnel who can give information, have cars tested with Test Drive, guide the customer towards the best choice and answer all his possible doubts, as well as help him in the online purchase process.


But the customer can also do everything from the comfort of their own sofa at home without having to physically go to the site or without interacting with Tesla staff. Once you have made the purchase – obviously there is no room for negotiation on the price, which is the same for everyone – you can complete the documentation on your online account and wait for a date for the collection of the car.

Touchless shopping

The pandemic has done nothing but enhance these processes, refine them, since they were all already “touchless”. The company has also implemented the option of touchless, contactless test drives. By means of a video guide, the customer is able to test the car without the presence of the Tesla Advisor, who unlocks the car remotely.

Tesla has improved the process of home delivery of cars, which arrive as an Amazon package. However customers can decide whether to go to collect the car at the physical point or have it delivered directly at home.

Everything you need to know about charging

The Tesla charging network, as well as the Tesla Store & Service Center network, is constantly expanding. The company has recently opened (last week) 4 new Supercharger stations in Italy: Brindisi, Oristano, Olbia and Catania. But the Italian and world network will continue to grow.

Charging a Tesla is super easy. Just top up it every evening at the electricity socket in the garage, or wall box, to wake up in the morning full of energy. In addition to public columns and new fast charging infrastructures for all electric cars, Tesla has a network for the exclusive use of Tesla owners, namely the Supercharger network. These are ultra-fast charging stations so widespread that they allow you to explore every corner of Europe by traveling 100% thanks to electricity.


Supercharger stations are located directly on the motorway or within 1km of the exit, in strategic locations for travel and always close to services.

The new generation of Superchargers is called V3, they reach power peaks of 250 kWh allowing you to recharge up to 275 km in 15 minutes. By entering the destination on the navigator, the car calculates the route autonomously with the charging stops included, the driver does not have to worry about planning anything but just getting on the road and enjoying the journey. And once you arrive at your destination? Tesla has also developed a network called Destination Charging, hotels and accommodations that have Tesla Wall Connector in structure and are marked on the Tesla onboard navigator so that owners, if they want, can choose a structure for their vacation equipped to recharge for free.

Will Tesla launch into the production of other types of products?

Production plans, in addition to the Tesla Cybertruck pickup and the Tesla Roadster supercar, also include the Tesla Semi electric truck, all already presented.

It is important to underline that Tesla is not only a manufacturer of electric cars, but also of solar panel systems for the production of clean energy, and both industrial and domestic energy storage systems with Tesla Powerpack and Tesla Powerwall batteries.

6 min read


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