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Online Experiences: the 10 most popular

By Editorial Team
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After the boom during the lockdown, Online Experiences continue to play an important role. Some of the most searched experiences include: outdoor (+136%), fitness and creative activities, and among these, there are also three Italian food-themed experiences.

Online Experiences: a growing trend

It’s been a year since Airbnb launched Online Experiences in April 2020 – a project that offers people a new way to travel, connect, have fun and learn together during the pandemic. 

In addition to allowing anyone in the world to participate without the need to leave their homes, the shift to online experiences proved to be crucial for hosts, who were given a chance to run their businesses in an alternative way. Not only that, but this new way also ensured revenue, which is more important than ever in these difficult times. 

esperienze online

Today, a year after the launch, Online Experiences is Airbnb’s fastest-growing product. They connected hundreds of thousands of guests last year.

Because of this great participation, experiences have proven to be very profitable for some hosts during the pandemic, with popular experiences earning nearly $500,000.

esperienze online

We are starting to think about a partial resurgence of travel and thus of Live Experiences; despite this, more than 50% of people who have already tried an Online Experience say they would continue to book more, especially to learn new things (76%) and connect with cultures and lifestyles different from their own (75%). Not surprisingly, the most popular Experience categories there are History and Culture, Food and Drink, and Wellness. 

The 10 most popular Online Experiences:

Portugal, Prepare sangría and discover the world of drag queens.
Mexico, Cook tacos with a professional chef;
Mexico, Masterclass on the best coffees in the world;
Greece, Learn the history of ancient Greece while having fun;
Italy, Prepare fresh pasta with grandmothers;

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United Kingdom, GINspiration: learn the history of gin and create your own drink;
Ireland, Virtual tour on Irish history and culture;
Italy, Luca and Lorenzo’s family recipes;
Italy, Make gnocchi and ravioli at home;
The United Kingdom, Magic show and tricks of the trade.

New emerging trends

In addition to being an authentic way to connect virtually, Online Experiences allow you to explore various destinations in the company of locals, hopefully in anticipation of future physical travel.

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Online Experiences also highlighted new emerging trends. The Outdoor Activities category, for example, experienced a 136% growth in bookings from January to March compared to the October-December 2020 period, as did the Dance (+27%), Music (+17%) and Fitness and Leisure (+16%) categories. 

Looking ahead, Online Experiences will continue to support host earnings: they will offer unique opportunities to connect and create new ways to find inspiration from home. Whether it’s for those traveling to a distant destination for the first time or for those choosing to return to their hometown or reconnect with loved ones, Online Experiences are a simple and innovative way to explore the world without the need for any passport.

2 min read


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