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Origami Bottle, collapsible and reusable

By Sara Stefanovic
2 min read

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A bottle with a unique design, with that Oriental touch that enriches it recalling the performance art… We are talking about the Origami Bottle by DiFOLD. This reusable bottle folds at 80% in volume, we can reduce its dimensions when the liquid contained is over.

DiFOLD Origami Bottle is the most compact, stable and elegant collapsible bottle and it is also kickstarting a bigger REUSE REFOLD REVOLUTION!

The idea came after a research project that involved more than 1,000 people. They were asked a simple yet crucial question: what are the main problems with reusable bottles? Here you are the six points that came out:

  • Reusable bottles take space;
  • They are difficult to clean;
  • They are difficult to carry;
  • Bottles are heavy and bulky for travels;
  • They are made of non-sustainable materials;
  • These materials are not even safe.

How could the Origami Bottle distinguish itself? Well, firstly, as you can see, the bottle is collapsible, it can be folded and thus it reduces its volume by 80%. Secondly, even if it is quite flexible, it is ultra stable when unfolded. Dishwasher doesn’t wrinkle it, despite its young age it already has enough wrinkles, and every little wrinkle is easy to brush-clean. Hygene is guaranteed 100% whether you are a brush-lover or a dishwasher stan.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è 6-this-reusable-origami-bottle-folds.jpg

The Origami Bottle is also super light, it only weights 120g with the cap, and when folded it takes up little space, like a pack of gum. The bottle is 21cm high at its full potential, while the base is 76mm wide. When folded its heigh is reduced to 5,5cm! The bottle is also very capacious, it holds up to 750ml of water, perfect for long journeys.

Origami Bottle

What about the materials?

The bottle is made of premium thermoplastic polymer, it is ultra-durable and BPA, odor and taste free. The Origami Bottle is leakproof with a safe seal, it also has an integrated carrying flip ring. Moreover, the bottle is available in three colors. Apart from the light blue version we can see in the picture, we have the pink and the green versions, suitable for any occasion.

But the real question we are all asking ourselves is: is it difficult to fold?

We would like to reassure those who have never been able to create even a paper plane; it’s easier than it looks. The first time we may feel a little bit confused, but it’s like riding a bike, once learned you will never forget it!

Origami Bottle

You may need to be reassured also about its stability. Watching how it folds, one would never say that it is so resistant, yet it is solid and durable. Obviously the designers want to make some improvements to the product before launching it on the ‘mass market’.

Origami Bottle

“Our addiction to plastic is this generation’s smoking. For years, we were blissfully unaware of the terrible damage done by throwaway packaging. Now we know the truth.”

Siam Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet
2 min read

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