Our vision

Urban Nomads Magazine

The infinite space of the Web and the distance relationships maintained thanks to technology, complicate the exchange, the discussion and the collaboration. Therefore, creating a real international Community was absolutely necessary. The Digital Nomads Lifestyle arises as a new place of exchange, physical and virtual, a Community where you can find culture, information, advice and utilities of various kinds, both for everyday life and for work.

Digital Nomads Lifestyle is a Community built around an online and printed magazine that constantly offers, to all kinds of Smart Workers, inspirations, food for thought and useful solutions to their Lifestyle. Stories, culture, characters, resources and tools useful to an open and participatory Community that, in addition to offering editorial multimedia content, will offer opportunities for exchange, interactions and sharing.

Nomads, seeking the corners of tranquillity, in the mists of the north, and into the turmoil of civilization, between the light and dark monotony of the days that pass. Walker that go, looking for peace at dusk, you’ll will find it.

Franco Battiato, Italian musician, songwriter and director.

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