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Performance of discipline: dedicated to athletes

By Editorial Team
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Performance of discipline: an invitation to focus on your inner self and train with the Nike x MMW Series 004 collection.

The new Nike x MMW Series 004 collection is designed by Matthew Williams and inspired by Performances of Discipline. It’s an invitation to focus on our inner selves. This collection is a response to the hustle and bustle of contemporary life: reclaiming the latest technologies to push discipline and concentration rather than a distraction.

performance of discipline

My design process is collaborative with Nike’s because we both love to experiment. We’ve developed a constantly innovative approach to apparel and footwear production together, thus continuously evolving in our common goal. 

Matthew Williams
performance of discipline

Following the footsteps of previous collections, the new Nike x MMW Series 004 collection is a capsule that focuses on design dedicated to lifestyle.

Finished with cutting-edge details, it was created from data collection to allow athletes to fully immerse themselves in training; with discipline and consistency, according to their needs, without any interference and distraction.

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Matthew Williams believes in a challenging, multi-dimensional type of wellness that rejects simple solutions and supports the constant training of body and mind. Performance of discipline, indeed.

Each new production uses similar ideas and codes to previous ones. In each lesson, we have contextualized the latest innovations of Nike and combined them in a functional way with the needs arising from training. Modularity is a constant, recurring feature of the design, which we integrate with the use of technological materials.

performance of discipline

To celebrate the Nike x MMW Series 004 collection, Nike and Slam Jam have created an art-driven partnership. In a video, the Nike Training Club app is reimagined as a space for immersive experiences, suggesting a high-profile approach to training that takes inspiration from different physical disciplines and even performance art.

Performance of Discipline. Focusing on our inner selves

The protagonist is Paleta, a Nike trainer, movement artist, choreographer and yoga instructor, born and raised in Switzerland and living in London. Framed in a white space, her movements combine yoga techniques with the expressiveness of dance, with an emphasis on breathing and mindfulness. Paleta’s training session is punctuated by an exclusive music track recorded by Koo Des, aka NSDOS, a techno musician, researcher and choreographer based in Paris. The session is available to subscribers on the Nike Training Club app and on Slam Jam’s website.

performance of discipline

To celebrate and explore the new collection; its design, and the type of training that inspired its creation; Slam Jam hosted a conversation between Matthew Williams and KALEIDOSCOPE Creative Director Alessio Ascari. The meeting is available on Slam Jam’s website. 

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The Nike x MMW Series, 004 unisex collection will be released globally on May 27 on nikelab.com and in select stores.

2 min read


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