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Plato superfood, only for chic food lover

By Tommaso Lavizzari
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Plato Chic Superfood opened in Milan in September 2018. The first place born from the desire to offer a new, healthy and engaging food experience. An emotional experience that wants to be a path of discovery of unusual ingredients; in the footsteps of those who have taken trips to the edge of the world bringing exotic ingredients and new flavors to Italy.

Plato superfood is the luxury of good, joyful, satisfying and healthy food.

Plato Chic Superfood is an ode to superfoods. Superfoods are those natural foods rich in nutrients useful for our daily need of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber; real concentrates of well-being and energy.

Plato Chic Superfood was born to offer a good and organic cuisine able to combine taste and perfect nutritional balance, all in a location that is sophisticated in its design and shows an extreme attention to detail.

The project

Plato’s project was born from a team of creative and professional nutrition professionals and from an idea by Mariangela Affinita. The name is a clear reference to the myth of Plato’s cave. Everything starts from the knowledge of oneself; one’s body and the foods that help us face life every day.

Tasting Plato’s food means getting to know really well what you eat. Every day satisfy the desire for tasty food, always choosing fresh, healthy and tailor-made meals.

The kitchen

Plato’s cuisine respects different food choices and intolerances. The menu includes vegetarian and vegan options, and gluten free, yeast free, nickel free and lactose free dishes. From breakfast to dinner, passing through a powerful light lunch, Plato accompanies every moment of the day.


For centuries, our adventurous ancestors brought ingredients to Italy that became the symbol of our gastronomic culture. Tomatoes, coffee or chili peppers, like many of these foods, possess innumerable properties, and should be part of everyone’s daily diet.

The constant consumption of Superfood such as tomatoes, blueberries, black cabbage, black beans; but also, salmon, broccoli and oats, gives us more energy and improves our mood every day. 

Superfoods are foods considered to be super-rich in nutrients and have super-benefits for the health; they are refined foods, sometimes from other latitudes and distant countries. They are rich in polyphenols, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and are a great way to staying in shape. Following a diet rich in superfoods means strengthening the immune system and keeping our body young, fit and healthy.

Plato superfood

The superfood according to Plato is eating without giving up taste; it is joy, awareness and pleasure to eat with intelligence and flavor; an innovative and contemporary experience. It is an opportunity to broaden horizons on the knowledge of food.

Have you ever tasted Moringa?

Moriga is a plant native to Northern India. Its fruits, flowers, seeds and roots are rich in vitamin C (7 times more than oranges), calcium (four times more than cow’s milk), iron, potassium and vitamin A. It is consumed in powder form and is a powerful supplement for the immune system with beneficial effects on the liver, on the eyes, on skin & hair, and on bones.

Ingredients research

Each Plato dish is born from a research of the freshest and most energetic ingredients, which vary according to seasons. These ingredients are real concentrates of wellness.

Coming from a wheat that is very common in Eritrea and Ethiopia, teff flour is a source of vitamins, fibers and calcium; in addition, it is gluten free. Moringa flour, as we said before, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, purifies the body and has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Vegetables and fruit are the core of the best diets in the world, especially the Italian one. Plato wanted to celebrate these food treasures proposing them in many variations, from breakfast to light lunch, from cold-pressed juices to aperitifs. Each dish is made special and intriguing thanks to the use of spices rich in antioxidants; sprouts full of vitamins; algae rich in minerals, iodine, fatty acids, calcium and fiber.

The traditional dishes of the Mediterranean diet are enriched with innovative ingredients, textures and fragrances. At Plato, the food becomes cheerfulness, fun, color, aromas, joy.

Veli, an exclusive patent

Plato is above all research and proposal of unique products such as Veli, the icon of Plato’s gastronomy, an exclusive patent and perfect example of the union between tradition and innovation.

They are thin dough sheets made with special flours, gluten and yeast-free, and contain tasty, fresh and useful food treasures for your well-being. They are delicate dough rounds with sweet or salty filling, ideal for a balanced breakfast, a light lunch or a practical and tempting snack. The round doughs are a mix of flours that are always different – to respect the principle of rotation of the ingredients – and are yeast-free. Agar-agar, a mineral-rich substance derived from algae, gives the doughs elasticity, freshness and high digestibility.

Veli enclose the very philosophy of Plato: flavor, energy and lightness in a chic&cool look.

Written by
Tommaso Lavizzari
Tommaso Lavizzari. Freelance Journalist, author and content creator. He was director of Sport Tribune and Soccer Illustrated. He speaks and writes about sports and lifestyle for various magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. He creates editorial content for different brands and companies. He published with Francesco Aldo Fiorentino "SURF. Big Wednesday 40 years later" for Mondadori Electa.
4 min read

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