Short single-breasted Jacket by D&G

Short single-breasted dolce jacket with rose appliqués: the perfect look for a cover.

The past and the Authenticity are linked to the future through a new interpretation translation of the Handmade of the Homemade where the creative ingenuity and craftsmanship of our Sicilian/Italian tradition become the protagonists.

Short single breasted jacket

The color palette of the short single-breasted dolce jacket is intense. Black, strong and vibrant, absorbs all the other colors, becoming the new trend for the next season. D&G’s focus is “The Archaic” hand-made work, which translates into this knitwear collection. In the hands of our designers the clothes, Living objects, change their volume and proportions becoming creative canvas. The DNA is reinterpreted as a dream between fantasy, tradition and genius, the focus is “Fatto a Mano” and the value of the Craftsmanship. You can buy it here.

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