Put on your spectacles!

By Sara Stefanovic
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If you can’t see clearly, put on your spectacles, or rather… your face-à-main…

If only Marylin had had them, when she was so ashamed to appear like a “four-eyes” in How to Marry a Millionaire. That’s too bad because she would have looked super cool. But in the fifties, there was still no Fassamano, the Venetian company that took the classic “pince-nez” and transformed them into a contemporary look inspired by the Sherlock Matrix mood. Put on your spectacles!

Come sposare un milionario

Specially designed for those who wear glasses out of necessity but don’t want to give up the coolness... With Fassamano, the coolness is guaranteed – the Venetian company and their glasses born right here in 1300. But the idea came up one night at the dining table…

Put your glasses on! I can’t read the label…

In front of a wine label written with font 8 and the impossibility of reading it, the designer and architect Cristiana Vannini and her diners (evidently accustomed to looking good) came up with an idea: to decline the classic face-à-main into a hyper glam version. The company was founded by four people: Cristiana – designer and architect, she’s the one who studies the glasses’ form, Lucia – born in communication and grew up in marketing, she studied the glasses potential, Carlo – photographer and video maker, who looked at them with a visionary eye from behind the camera, Giovanni designer – he took care of the aesthetics in the digital gesture.

Occhiali iper cool

Our idea was to adopt the shapes of the first glasses of this type and to update them, creating glasses that you don’t wear all the time, but that you can use when necessary. The Fassamano brand was born in Venice in the 14th century, and from there, it spread in Europe. Now it is an indispensable and chic accessory that focuses on shape, quality materials, and craftsmanship.

Cristiana Vannini

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They called it Ready Chic Reading, and the definition was never more appropriate! For those who want to look nonconformist with even a dandy touch, or at least “original”, showing off a pair of 19th-century glasses with a cool nomadic look is a great satisfaction. And “put on the spectacles” becomes an almost longed-for exhortation.

Turquoise, red, or turtle?

Fassamano has a full range of super chic glasses for everyone who wear glasses on the go – whether for fun or for necessity: the classic tortoise, turquoise acetate, dark red satin with steel inserts, and gold. They are rewriting history in a contemporary way. In the 18th century in Venice, a slight defect in vision was considered an opportunity to show off the elegant accessories.

fàce à main turchese e oro

Now rummaging through the bag in search of the glasses that will allow us to decode the world while also appearing casual is difficult. Think of the feeling of showing them off with nonchalance during a meeting… a moment of savoir vivre to sink into the details… Available in +2.0 and + 3.0 dipters, in a perfect balance between fashion and design!

3 min read

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