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Radiohead Public Library

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The Radiohead Public Library is the digital archive that collects the band’s rarities, unpublished concert footage, playlists and various other materials.

Everything is in its right place

Radiohead have launched a huge digital archive called Radiohead Public Library, collecting every aspect of the band’s career in a carefully curated archive format. In the perfect style of the band, which leaves nothing to chance; as well as always staying one step ahead of the others, as in this case.

What is in the Radiohead Public Library?

Needless to say, Radiohead fans have received a wonderful gift. They will find everything: rarities, B-sides, live recordings, high-re performance footage and TV appearances; many of which have never been seen before.

In addition, fans can create their own personalized library card and can order products that have been sold out for years.

Among the most important offers at the moment:

  • All the webcasts from Radio A’s Kid A-era; 
  • A pro-shot live film of Radiohead’s legendary 2006 headlining performance in Bonnaro;
  • A pro-shot live film of Radiohead’s controversial 2017 performance in Tel Aviv, Israel;
  • An additional 14 minutes pro-shot footage of Radiohead’s headlining performance in 1997 in Glastonbury;
  • All of Radiohead’s Office charts that have been turned into streaming playlists;
  • High-definition uploads of various Radiohead music videos;
  • Radiohead’s OKNOTOK cassette, released as part of the band’s 2017 reissue of OK Computer, available to stream digitally;
  • Radiohead’s debut EP, 1992’s Drill, 2005’s “I Want None of This”, and 2011’s TKOL RMX 8 EP remix are available for digital streaming for the first time.

Additionally, starting from January 20, 2020, each member of Radiohead will spend a day as a librarian on the website, editing the archival material across the band’s social media channels.

It will be basically like sharing your computer with the band.

2 min read

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