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Rossi d’Angera Latitudine45 Gin turns 90 years old

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gin latitudine45

Rossi d’Antera Latitudine45 is a versatile gin and a perfect base for the best traditional and contemporary cocktails.

Rossi d’Angera Latitudine45 Gin turns 90 years old and ages well. The Rossi’s gin, heading into its centennial year, is counted among the oldest recipes of the historic distillery of Angera. A distillate that has evolved over the years and that, decade after decade, has anticipated and met fashions and trends in the panorama of international spirits. The name is dedicated to the geographical coordinates of Lake Maggiore, which has always inspired the Rossi family for the production of Grappa, Liqueurs, Bitters and, of course, their Gin.

gin latitudine45

Gin Latitudine45 is an original recipe, sincere and faithful to tradition. But with the addition of spices and aromas that recall the territory of origin of this real piece of history.

10 botanicals characteristic of the woods of the nearby Prealps, including Gemme di Pino and wild herb Achillea for intense scents that give freshness and uniqueness.

gin latitudine45

The Rossi’s gin was born before the Second World War, in the 1930s, when the fashion for mixed aperitifs invaded Europe. Latitude45 turned out to be perfect thanks to the higher alcohol content and the fresh and tasty hints of juniper and spices. Today, as in the past, it is the ideal base for the most traditional cocktails, from Martini to Negroni; for the most creative ones together with Rossi d’Angera aperitifs. Like Alessio Giovannesi’s Last Work where Latitudine45, Vermouth Rosso Style.31 and Spitz – a liqueur made from Gentian Lutea roots. They balance and combine citrus scents and spicy and intense flavors.

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Elegance, uniqueness and savoir-faire: the history of Gin Latitudine45

It was the 1930s when the Rossi family began distilling their first Gin. A distillate that recalled an afternoon on a boat on Lake Maggiore, sunny and windy enough to perceive the scent of woods in the distance. On the label, a sailing boat on a sunny day and a recipe as per tradition, with the ingredients of the territory. Infusion of juniper berries, citrus aromas, botanicals and spices.

gin latitudine45

Over time Latitudine45 evolves, grows with the Distillery preceding and intercepting the Italian and international trends. From then until today, it confirms the foresight and savoir-faire of six generations of Rossi Distillers by spreading the culture of “good drinking” in gourmet corners, wine bars and cocktail bars all over the world. Starting from 2020, the new label Latitudine45 will appear on shelves. The sails unfurled on the lake give way to a bottle with contemporary and refined graphics, positioning Rossi’s Gin in the high premium of the industry.

2 min read


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