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Sanitizing spray made of high-proof grappa

By Editorial Team
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Castagner reminds us of the ancient meaning of the name grappa. Alto Grado 71, Acquavite, or water of life, is a sanitizing spray with high alcohol content, the last product of Castagner Distillery.

Grappa Alto Grado 71 is a distillate that combines technological innovation and ancient farmers’ know-how. Indeed, grappa was a medicinal spirit. A completely new product, whose primary purpose was not merely to be tasted but to be used for sanitizing since it contains a very high percentage of alcohol (71° alcohol).

The most effective sterilizing product

The current global epidemic has completely changed the daily habits of all of us. According to the indications of the Superior Institute of Health, the most effective ways to inhibit the spread of the Covid-19 virus is to wash our hands frequently and to clean the spaces and the objects with alcohol, chlorine, and soda (soap) based sanitizing solutions. The most effective sterilizing agent is high-proof alcohol (the one that has between 60° and 80°).

«From a chemical point of view, the grappa is alcohol with aromas, mostly from grapes. The science defines alcohol as the best disinfectant, even for viruses. However, to be effective the alcohol content must be between 60 and 80 degrees. In this really difficult moment for Italian citizens, I thought how could the grappa help. It has always been there for the people in every moment, even in the most difficult ones».

Roberto Catagner, master distiller

From this scientific observation and partly referring to the ancient Venetian tradition, Roberto Castagner with his technicians have created a new type of grappa with high alcohol content -71 degrees, intended to be used as a spray for a protective effect in the throat, the “door of access” preferred by the virus.

The project started on February 22nd, 2020

«SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that is infecting the entire world by spreading an epidemic called Covid-19. It is spreading primarily by the respiratory tract during close encounters with infected people. Even the hands can be a source of contagion if the person has touched a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touched the mouth, the nose or the eyes.

From these scientific findings, my technicians and I have realized (the project started on February 22nd, 2020 immediately after the Fuoriclasse Award to Piero Angela, Editor’s note) a new type of high-proof grappa (about 85° in distillation and 71° in the bottles for sale, Editor’s note) that can be used as a spray to obtain a sanitizing effect on the lips, the mouth and the throat. It has the same purpose and advantages of washing your hands with alcohol.

This new product, that will be used as a sanitizer, was not easy to create in such a brief time because grappa must have a high alcohol content to be effective, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be too aggressive and difficult to keep in the mouth.

After 10 days of hard work, we distilled the grappa in an innovative way and at the same time we developed the ideal dispenser to nebulize the grappa’s droplets as much as possible “. Roberto Castagner, master distiller».

Roberto Catagner, master distiller

Protective sanitizing spray

We should emphasize that Grappa Alto Grado 71 is NOT a medical product and should not be considered as one, but it is an innovative distillate designed to obtain a throat sanitizing action.

For this reason, Grappa Alto Grado 71 is produced in spray format: thanks to a perfect nebulizer, the microscopic drops of grappa are vaporized and evenly distributed in the throat, purifying the oral cavity with a few sprays (the ideal dose is 3 – 6 sprays at a time).

Fifty vaporizations of High Grade 71 correspond to a small glass of grappa. The sanitizing effect lasts for about 30 minutes and the 5 cl dispenser contains about 130 sprays.

A product whose action is therefore purely protective, thanks to a grappa designed and distilled precisely for this purpose, and which Roberto Castagner is now preparing to make available to consumers.

«The experimental plant produced and packaged the first 500 bottles yesterday”, continues the entrepreneur from Treviso. “In the Treviso province, we have identified 4 gastronomies where we could immediately conduct the test to receive the customers’ comments.

From the first feedbacks, the owners were amazed and pleased to discover this opportunity and to be able to propose it to their customers. “I would also like to thank them for agreeing to be the first ones to tell and distribute this new product.

The final plant for the new production will be completed by the end of next week. The new production will also be available to all the mass distribution throughout the country. Therefore, we’ll have enough grappa, and it tastes better than alcohol».

Roberto Catagner, master distiller
4 min read

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