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Self-learning apps, test yourself

By Sara Stefanovic
5 min read

You are on the train and you are on your way to work, it may even take an hour to arrive at your destination, and you want to spend this time in a constructive way. Reading is always a valid alternative, but it is a passive hobby that should be alternated with an active activity. The brain is not a muscle, yet it needs to be trained every day to keep it in shape. Practicing a new and stimulating activity is a good habit for building and maintaining cognitive skills. The brain has the ability to learn and grow as we age – a process called brain plasticity – but to do that, you need to train it regularly. So today we will talk about smart apps to train the brain: the so-called self-learning apps.

5 self-learning apps for brain rejuvenation


Elevate has been selected by Apple as App of the Year! It is a self-learning app whose mission is to improve people’s minds. Since 2014, it has helped over 40 million people improve their communication and computing skills. Elevate is a mind training program designed to improve concentration, expressive skills, processing speed, memory, math skills and more. Each person is provided with a personalized training program that adapts over time to maximize results.

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The more you train with Elevate, the more you will improve your critical cognitive skills. Those that increase productivity, earning capacity and self-confidence. Users who train at least 3 times a week have reported noticeable improvements and increased self-confidence. You can download it here.


Everyone tells us to go to the gym and exercise to stay healthy, but for some reason the idea of training the brain is not as much exciting. We may think that reading or studying here and there is enough, but research shows that variation in our mental activity is the key to long-term success. Udemy was born to overcome this problem.


Udemy is an online service that offers a wide range of courses on all kinds of topics, from web development to personal development. Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Whether you’re a novice or a virtuoso, Udemy has dozens of courses that can help you. How about starting a business? Yes, they have that too. Udemy boasts the presence of courses held by experts from all types of sectors, the topics are truly diverse.

The Udemy app gives you access to all selected course videos and learning materials on the go via your mobile device. While the Udemy app itself can be downloaded for free, you will have to pay for each course you decide to take. Some courses are longer and therefore more expensive than others. The good news is that Udemy often hosts amazing discounts on many of their offerings, allowing you to purchase a $ 100 course for just ten dollars!


Luminosity is a mind training app. The real innovation is the study on its impact on the cognitive performance, carried out by a real team of researchers (you can read it here). Scientists conducted a generic study involving 4,715 participants in order to investigate whether cognitive performance improves after training with Lumosity. The test group trained with Lumosity, while the control group trained using crosswords. Both groups trained five days a week, for fifteen minutes a day.


After ten weeks, the Lumosity group improved their performance more than twice as much as the control group. More specifically, the Lumosity group showed statistically significant improvements on secondary tests of working memory, arithmetic reasoning, and processing speed. You can download the self-learning app here.


We are all quite shocked by Yahoo Answers listing. All of us at least once in our life have found ourselves taking away absurd curiosity at 3 am, driven by the human desire to confront ourselves with other humans. But don’t worry, we have a solution.


Quora is a question and answer platform where you can share and increase your knowledge. People consult Quora to ask all kinds of questions, read high-quality content that may be relevant, and share their knowledge and experiences with others. It is a place where to share knowledge and better understand the world around us.

The app enables you to browse content related to the topics you are interested in learning, as well as post questions. Other users who have experience in this field of interest can answer your question and provide you with the answers you are looking for. In addition, you also have the opportunity to share your knowledge by answering questions posted by others. You can find it here.


The debate about mind and brain has been going on since the time of Aristotle. Dualists, like Descartes, believed that the mind was separate from the brain. Monists believe that the mind and the brain are the same. To make things more complicated, there are intermediate lines of thought which state that although the mind and the brain are two different realities, they are interconnected.

However it’s safe to say that one of the crucial skills to acquire is mastering mental health. It is not an easy task, but with the help of this self-learning app, you will be able to have a huge impact on your mindfulness. Headspace is your awareness guide for your daily life. You can learn all about meditation and mindfulness from world-class experts, such as former monk and Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe.


Choose from hundreds of guided meditations, from daily stress and anxiety management to sleep, focus and mind-body health. It is necessary to train the brain and the mind at 360° to maintain optimal health. You can download it here.

5 min read


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