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Sforno: around the world in a pizza

By Editorial Team
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The pizzeria Sforno, owned by Stefano Callegari, in Rome, reopens with many novelties.

It is one of the most recognizable and beloved brands in the restaurant world in Rome. It is the pizzeria that, since 2005, has welcomed customers from all over Rome and the rest of the country. Stefano Callegari’s Sforno, the inventor also of Trapizzino, is back with a completely renewed look. A new and more fascinating brand to the restyling of the premises in Via Statilio Ottato, from a more articulated and international menu to the company structure with a broader vision.

Sforno: a history of outstanding quality

The history of Sforno is one of excellent product quality. Since the beginning of the activity, the pizzas prepared with natural leavening, with mixtures of different flours, feature raw materials researched throughout the country.

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Sforno has chosen a natural mother yeast of bicentennial origin, the best tomato purees, the best of fresh dairy products, and uses only extra virgin olive oil of Apulian origin.

A new line of products is presented in the completely renovated restaurant: from traditional classics to gourmet pizzas and the absolute international novelty.

Sforno: around the world in a pizza

The new menu features a tour of the world in a pizza. A selection of ingredients that give the pizzas fascinating names such as Beirut, BBB, Greenwich, Malagasy-Madagascar, Mexico, and Nuvole, to name a few.


It is evident that each product name corresponds to at least one ingredient linked to its territory of reference.

Special mention to two international pizzas: the Bari-Moscow and the Zero 2, which can be considered an even more special journey, a food experience that takes them to the top of the range of Sforno’s proposal. The former is made with Calvisius caviar, while the latter is with 24-carat gold leaf. They accentuate a taste experience for attentive, curious, and enthusiastic customers. The ingredients of these two pizzas make them an absolute novelty on the national scene. However, traditional Roman pizzas are not lacking. These represent a differentiating element with respect to what has already been seen and tried. They are the signature of Callegari and his love for Rome, even outside its walls.


Stefano Callegari’s signature

One cannot talk about Sforno without mentioning the mastery of Stefano Callegari. He was the first pizza maker in Italy to be awarded the coveted three stars in n the guide Pizzerie d’Italia by Gambero Rosso. To date, he is the only one with more than one restaurant to receive this recognition. In addition, his talent, his knowledge of raw materials, and his entrepreneurial attitude have led him to open other restaurants in and outside Rome.

This is the case of Puglia, for example. Sforno is also present in one of the most beautiful squares in Martina Franca (TA), the pearl of the Itria Valley; visited every year by countless tourists in search of Apulian style, taste, and class. The decision to open in the Apulian territory is to respond to the demand of an increasingly international audience that recognizes, like Stefano, in Apulia, the most beautiful region in the world. Not only. Many of the products used in Sforno’s activity come from a magical land, to which the artist gives back his know-how in a virtuous circle.


Therefore, the public of Rome and Puglia is invited to rediscover Sforno in its philosophy of taste. The style has changed; the quality is the same that brought Stefano Callegari to the honors of the temples of food. With one more ingredient: the world tour in a pizza.

3 min read


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