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Skin-protective cream for healthcare workers in the trenches

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crema dermoprotettiva

Marianna Miola enters the battlefield alongside the heroes of her territory committed to fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. The beauty entrepreneur donates 500 packs of skin-protective hand cream for the healthcare heroes of the hospital of Padua. 

The Coronavirus epidemic is raging on a global scale. There are numerous businesses, first and foremost, those in the fashion, beauty, and food industry, that are entering the battlefield to support all health workers exhausted by their work. 

Detergents and disinfectants have never been used to such high levels. In fact, scrupulous personal hygiene is paramount for the prevention of contagion, and this mainly foresees repeated washing of the hands. These sanitization protocols are even stricter for doctors and nurses, so much that often their hands are literally wreaking havoc. 

Marianna Miola, make-up artist, and Master lash artist from Padua and ex-Londoner, the youngest professional in the field of beauty in Italy, could not stand by and watch. 

Medical tradition in the family 

It wasn’t only her sense of civic-mindedness that motivated her. Her family has a long medical tradition, as well as a large part of her clientele works in healthcare. In fact, her father and brother have been on the front lines fighting the virus for weeks. Therefore, Marianna wondered what she could do for them. So, through an extensive study, she understood how to restore the hydrolipidic skin film consumed by the use of alcohol and repeated washing. Indeed, doctors’ and nurses’ hands are nowadays worn out and often marked by real abrasions due to the disinfectants and the continuous cleansing. Therefore, Marianna decided to make a simple gesture, the same that she does in the evening, when her father comes home from work: offering a beauty treatment of great comfort to his hands. 

“I couldn’t help but participate in this difficult moment when each one of us reflects on the importance of helping each other. I focused specifically on the post-use phase of sanitizers since their frequent use seriously damages the skin”.

Marianna Miola

Skin Protective Hand Cream 

Marianna Miola has thereby offered her creation, specially designed to prevent irritation, dehydration, damaged skin, and abrasions. A real beauty treatment for the hands of those who are daily fighting against COVID-19. 

Under the M2 cosmetic line, the skin-protective hand cream has a very high moisturizing power. It can rebalance the PH with a specific formula containing ingredients useful to fight the aggressive agents of disinfectants. 

The dermo protective hand cream has a high soothing power that protects the skin of the hands from redness and dryness. Made from precious nourishing oils, it maintains the skin’s elasticity and prevents unwanted effects caused by external damage. 

There are two ways to use it. For daily use, simply apply a thin layer of the hand cream in the morning, or whenever you want, and leave it on for a few minutes, then massage until completely absorbed. The second use is for hand wraps. Apply a thick layer of cream in the evening and put on cotton gloves or occlusive gloves to keep the cream on overnight. The results? Softness and deep moisture, a feeling of relief and comfort, and visibly improved abrasions

Donation for the Padua Hospital 

The donation of 400 pieces will be given to the COVID-19 emergency departments of the Padua Hospital. A small act of great love and support signed by Marianna Miola for all the women and men who have been fighting for us for days. 

“It is not rhetoric: they are heroes, and, in these difficult times, they are the masters of life.” 

Marianne Miola

For this reason, the cream will also have special packaging, with a special dedication: “For you, our hero.” 

But that’s not all: there will be another 100 pieces free of charge designed for Miola’s customers, those who work in the healthcare, and will be available in her studio in Via Altinate 126, at the end of the emergency lockdown when the businesses’ in Italy opens again. A gift for all clients and hospital staff who, when their work shift is over, will want to enjoy a well-deserved beauty treatment. 

Because nowadays, it is our duty to help the heroes in battle, but we must not forget them even afterward. 

4 min read

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