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Slack: to work anywhere

By Editorial Team
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Slack continues to constantly improve collaboration for anyone, no matter where or when they work.

The latest updates have introduced additional features to help teams work at their best, with a digitally-focused approach, to accommodate new in-person, remote, and hybrid work combinations.

Slack recreates informal discussions

The first point for a better collaborative experience is aimed at recreating the spontaneous and informal discussions that used to happen in the office.

Before the transformation of work habits, you could walk by a colleague’s desk to discuss an idea; meet in the hallway to analyze an important meeting. These spontaneous, formality-free conversations not only developed team spirit but often generated ideas for bigger things.

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To recreate these spontaneous moments wherever teams work, Slack Huddles was introduced, a lightweight way to initiate live conversations via audio.

In just one click, you can initiate a meeting in any channel or direct message, even those shared with people outside the company. In addition, everyone in the channel is free to come in and out at will. Slack Huddles is particularly useful for these features – when you want to discuss a complex topic on the fly without having to manage full agendas when you don’t feel like being in front of the webcam.

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Within a meeting, you can also share the screen; for those moments when it’s easier to work together through a project, presentation or proposal.

When large or dislocated teams need to schedule a meeting, finding a time that works for everyone can be difficult. It would be much easier to share ideas asynchronously at a time that works best for each person.

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For this reason, the development team has introduced a new way to easily create and share video, audio, and screen recordings on Slack.

When a recording is shared on Slack, everyone can watch it whenever and in whatever way they like. A new and improved playback experience that also works with third-party video allows you to speed up or slow down the content and read the transcript or watch on the go from your phone. Recordings made on Slack are also archived with searchable transcripts, adding to the organization’s wealth of information.

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Both meetings and recordings will display captions in real-time, so everyone is involved in the conversation. Both features are available for paid teams; recordings will be in the coming months.

Schedule a message to be sent

Now, whether you’re sending a recording or a traditional message on Slack, you can schedule it to be sent when it’s most convenient for your recipients.

For example, if you want to send a note to team members in the evening, but they’ve already signed off, you can now draft a message on Slack and set it to publish in the morning when they’re back online.

2 min read


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