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Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition

By Sara Stefanovic
5 min read

Today we are embarking on a new adventure called Smart Gifting. What does Smart Gifting mean? Well, it literally means giving smart gifts (or cleverly giving), in practice it means being flawless on every occasion. The digital nomads’ frenetic life also presupposes the great Christmas return to their home, and the search for the perfect product to bring as a gift to friends and family that we haven’t seen for a while… In short, the greater the distance, the more beautiful the gift!

Remarkable 2, paper feel, digital organization

Smart Gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition: Remarkable 2.

What is it about? Combine Kindle paper-like feel and iPad interactivity, and you’ll obtain Remarkable. It is an innovative product, which goes beyond the boundaries of the digital agenda. Paper 2.0 is characterized by the small space it occupies and by the infinite possibility of being able to make mistakes, deleting, and rewriting without ever damaging the sheet. With this item you will make a great impression, becoming the Olympic champion of Smart Gifting.

Long Distance Lamp

Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition, Long Distance Lamp.

The level here is very high. We take the smart gift to a higher level by offering you a piece of furniture, design and… a friend. The Long Distance Lamp, or friendship lamp, is designed to unite friends, family and relatives of all kinds in an elegant colorful touch of melancholy. When one of the two lamps is touched, the other lights up too… Imagine being able to send a thought to a loved one before going to sleep, without using Wapp and Telegram.

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Smart Gifting turns into a happening: the Mindful Breathing Necklace

Smart Gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition: Mindful Breathing Necklace.

This necklace is truly a universally useful product. Life has become frenetic and stressful, we live so fast that sometimes we even forget to breathe… And this is where this smart jewel comes into play and turns into a reminder: don’t forget to breathe! Inspired by a conversation they had with a flutist who taught them the ancient breathing techniques of Japanese monks, Todd and Vanessa Steinberg created a pendant that encourages slow, conscious breathing. Simply exhale through the pendant (don’t worry, it’s not a whistle), and you’ll soon find yourself in the midst of a mini meditation—your heart rate slows, toxins are said to be released, and you return to the present moment, where you belong.

Let’s not forget about fitness lovers: a Wireless Skipping Rope

The TOQBIO skipping rope is wireless, the key of this 2020. It is able to record the activity performed just like a fitness tracker: from performance data to calorie consumption up to the duration of the workout. Everything is shown on an integrated mini display.

The Musical Pillow

Smart Gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition: Musical Pillow.

Smart Gifting is lulled by music…. with a perfect product for people who like listening to music before falling asleep. Listening to your favorite music or whale song is a great way to rethink your day, to get lost in your thoughts or simply to end the evening in the best possible way. A smart solution just a click away.

Weekender portable wardrobe

smart gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition: Bag by Weekender.

The perfect bag for a romantic getaway between one Prime Ministerial Decree and the next, was born under the sign of Virgo. Many people will not understand the usefulness of this portable wardrobe, but in the eyes of those born between August 24th and September 22nd it is a dream come true. In fact, inside this bag you’ll find a practical compartment system, very similar to a real built-in wardrobe. The legendary Weekender welcomes everything you need for a short impromptu weekend or a small break from work.

Magnetic glasses, drink Whiskey anywhere you want

smart gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition,Whisky Glasses.

We are on a boat in the middle of the sea and the sunset envelops us like Linus’ blanket. What could possibly ruin this moment? Well spilling the Whiskey on your pants. Of course, we have the solution for this problem as well. Magnetic whiskey glasses can be used nearly EVERYWHERE, thanks to the special coasters with gel pads and metal surface. By combining the two products together, the glass remains in balance as if by magic! No staggering, no shaking, just firmness and solidity (and no broken glass around the boat). Click here for more.

Smile with Kodak, every moment immortalized turns into reality

smart gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition: Photo printer by Kodak.

This is a product that we should always carry with us, especially if we are going to live special moments like Christmas. Kodak’s mini instant printer is perfect for practicing Smart Gifting during the holidays, for capturing the happy moments spent with family and friends and having them immediately at hand.

Thatsit Balans, the unmissable design gift

smart gifting
Smart Gifting, Christmas Edition: Thatsit balans.

A wonderful chair designed to help backs of all ages, which will thank you for sure! With its concave backrest and curved wooden runners, Thatsit creates balance in all postures. Whether at home or in the office, Thatsit is an ideal work chair and is designed for seamless transitions between different positions. The chair invites you to lean in when focusing on a task or lean back when contemplating your next great idea. 

The gift everyone wants to try, the Sensonaturale box sets

Solid cosmetics are becoming a thing, it is about the future powerfully breaking into our lives. We saw videos showing people using them and we got curious, but we also thought they weren’t suitable for us… yet we would love to receive them as a gift to try them too! The Sensonaturale boxes are 100% sustainable, in all their parts, just choose the one that best suits the needs of the person who will receive it…

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