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Spotlight: La Santeria Milano

By Stefano Nappa
2 min read

This week we turn the Spotlight on La Santeria Milano. One of the liveliest and most avant-garde spaces in the Milanese city. If you ever happen to be in Milan, whether for pleasure or for work, this is one of the places that we suggest you to visit and to live.

What happens every day inside its two sites, located in two different places of the city, is something magical because it overwhelms you completely. Whatever your tastes and purposes, leisure or work, La Santeria Milano is for you.


It was born from the idea of creating a space within which culture and art are founding elements, and not just accessories. The headquarters in viale Toscana 31 is the result of a redevelopment project that includes a bistro room, a concert theater, an atelier space and a training school with courses dedicated to the world of music and entertainment: bartender, digital marketing and communication music, tour manager, music production and collateral activities.

The other location, the origin of the history of the restaurant, in via Paladini 8 is a space of 500 square meters including a garden. Inside it we find: a vinyl store, a bistro, a music-event room for presentations of books, records, showcases and a co-working space with offices dedicated to graphics and design.

Santeria Milano

From the time of the founding in 2010, each of their events has attracted an incredible amount of people, even during the week,! You would have been amazed. In fact, their Instagram page expresses precisely this concept. A place cannot be defined only in terms of square footage or quality, but also thanks to the people going there. The key is to find the right balance between these things.

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Two places a
thousand faces.

Santeria Social Club and Santeria Paladini are places where people interested in the same topics, not exclusively music, can meet their own kind. Events, such as the mathematical aperitif or Pint of Science, during which it was a matter of mathematics and science over a beer had been held here.

Santeria Milano

Stand up comedy, debates and talks on politics, music and social issues with industry experts… Not to mention the artists it hosts throughout the year thanks to its concerts. The Wi-Fi can be found everywhere and offers the possibility to work on the PC drinking a good cocktail, one of the best in Milan, or having lunch / dinner with house specialties. It is undoubtedly a quality smart place, where great things are born starting from emotions up to the most concrete experience.

In short, both Santeria Milano sites are the backbone of Milanese and Italian culture. It is the most complete spot, To quote the song by The Notorious B.I.G.Juicy we ask with: And if you don’t knowww, NOWW you know!

2 min read

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