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Staycation, a phenomenon worth to be revisited

By Sara Stefanovic
3 min read

Tourism is the sector that has suffered the most from this lockdown period and, unfortunately, given the pressing arrival of summer, it will have to deal with an unprecedented crisis. But the staycation could be a solution.

From a world without barriers, which seemed increasingly small, to the increase in distances. The trip to the other side of the world that we have been planning for a lifetime can wait, but it does not mean that we must be content.

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The term staycation was coined in the United States in the 2000s, and it literally means ‘vacation from home‘. A word that, a couple of decades later, is coming back into vogue. In the end, fashion always repeats itself. It was a period in which traveling abroad was the prerogative of the richest, while the others were left with the staycation, that means, in most cases traveling within national borders.

How can we go on staycation?

This type of tourism embraces different types of activities, the key is to find something extraordinary in the ordinary:

  • Going hiking in a natural park,
  • Going to the local Zoo or aquarium,
  • Watching a movie at the drive-in,
  • Visiting the planetarium of your city,
  • Boating or doing other outdoor activities
  • Going fishing
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It may seem trivial but these are all activities that need to be re-evaluated, this situation does not imply the total renunciation of tourism. Tourism has various forms that are woth to be rediscovered.

From the sofa, to the region, to the whole of Italy

A small step for a man, a big step for the nation. Yes, these first weekends timidly spent within the regional borders will soon evolve into national holidays. Are we ready for the 500 loaded with luggage defying the laws of gravity?

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Many Italians will spend their holidays within the national borders, more by obligation than by choice, practicing rural or urban tourism and rediscovering that Italian spirit that, during these months, reached out again.

But let’s not immediately think of Sardinia or Venice (which will be beautiful without the mass of tourists and cruise ships), the real staycation also includes the rediscovery of local places. There are many people who have gone to the other side of the world but know nothing about their city, perhaps it’s time to learn something new.

Lombardy too, the region most affected by the pandemic, despite not having the sea, boasts many wonders. Did you know that there are many caves that can be visited? Among the most famous ones we find Bus di Tacoi, in Gromo, the Grotte del Sogno (Caves of the Dream), in San Pellegrino Terme and the Grotte delle Meraviglie (Caves of Wonders) of Zogno.

Not only caves, but also cities, lakes, natural parks, even a bit of … Maldives! Well yes, in Val Verzasca there is a place called the Maldives of Milan. They are located 45 minutes from Varese in the Canton of Ticino, just above Locarno. Trend of summer 2019, the place is perfectly suited to the needs of this summer 2020. To enjoy the wonders of nature just look around.

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Staycation at home

For the most imaginative people and for those who are used to traveling with their mind, goingo on a home holiday could be a great idea. Why don’t you try to organize an evening in Japan? you can buy kimono, chopsticks and katanas online, while for sushi … well Just Eat!

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If you are good at cooking, you can dress traditional Indian clothes (or scarves) and try yourself experimenting with various recipes. An example? Curry rice, for beginners, while for the more experienced there is the Kashmiri Aloo Dum or the Tandoori Chicken. The truth is, you can really go anywhere!

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