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Stefania Ferrario, New Urban Glam

By Sara Stefanovic
4 min read

You’ll never see her in a Little Black Dress or a pair of tight jeans and high heels. You’ll see her wearing a pair of baggy gold pants, a gorgeous jacquard coat and chunky sneakers as she whizzes all over the town on a scooter. That’s Stefania Ferrario. Her brand is called Uploveit: up as in “come on!” and love as in love for life, cheerfulness, fabrics in their splendor. She started as a press office for Roberto Cavalli, a brief experience as a saleswoman for Prada, a collaboration with Lanvin. But the strong desire made her create what New Urban Glam is today, a brand that conquers stylish women without the obsession of showing their body. Women capable of wearing Bermuda shorts and a signature tuxedo shirt, an Uzbek gilerone worn with organza. 

What is fashion?

Stefania Ferrario: «Fashion is a passion. Self-expression. A passion I was born with. But I noticed that unique garments, with amazing fabrics, had crazy costs. I worked for designer labels, but I started to create on my own what I couldn’t find outside. My research began and always starts from two things: fabrics and colors».

Stefania Ferrario

What is your fashion statement? Undeniably, you created a New Urban glam that is unparalleled.

Stefania Ferrario: «My fashion is made of precise codes, which are a bit Japanese. Japanese women don’t want to be sexy; they love to be cute. I adored Marni, which is not sensual, but an expression of fabrics, of forms, almost architectural. In fact, I was born as an architect. In my wardrobe, different elements coexist, united by chromatic harmony—a floral damié dress with a striped wool maxi vest and an obi belt. Everything can be combined as long as it harmonizes».

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Stefania Ferrario

So no sexy at all costs? And no season?

Stefania Ferrario: «No season, absolutely! Taking advantage of the fact that I don’t suffer from the cold, I wore linen pants and a cashmere sweater even as a girl. I mix and match different colors and sizes. It’s how you pair them that makes all the difference. And an outfit, you have to feel it on you. I got married in an antique straight-cut pink dress. White was not my thing. Often a client will come in; I’ll let her look at her then pull out two things, and I’m sure those two things will look great on her. The irony is that I can’t iron a shirt or sew on a button. I design a composition. In my mind, I already have an image of how I want it to look on a woman».

Can The New Urban Glam be experienced on two wheels? While running around cities or flying from one side of the globe to the other?

Stefania Ferrario: «Of course, it can! I love to be fashionable; I don’t see why you have to run around in sweats or jeans. That’s why I prefer baggy pants or palazzo pants, but in such different fabrics that you often don’t realize it’s the same model. My coats, which are a must, have raglan shoulders or are oversized. You can put a jacket underneath; a big scarf fastened at the back with a safety pin. We are metropolitan beings. The New Urban Glam is about expressing ourselves with the vigor of color and the magic of fabric. My fabrics are made in Como, or they come from India, Bali, from places where manufacturing is powerful».

What fabrics do you love?

Stefania Ferrario: «OfJacquard is my passion. I love the firm, rigid fabrics. The lightness and fluidity are given by silk, printed viscose, crepe de chine with dévoré velvet in crazy colors. Or I combine the Mikado in plain and strong colors with a touch of organza, which should never be missing. Also, I love fuchsia and a range of pinks and greens. From plum tones to powder pink, from meadow green to forest green. This year I also started with turquoise, which I’ve never worn before. You change inside and translate it to the outside. Never say never».

What do you carry in your backpack when you travel?

Stefania Ferrario: «I only have one kind of fetish, my iPhone case. I have it in my hand even with the wind at 20km/h. I made it in python or lizard print, and it holds my iPhone and glasses. It’s a stress reliever. And I carry it everywhere».

4 min read

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