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STEM in the City: Milan and OSN for Hack@MI

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HACK@MI will be the first hackathon for graduates and undergraduates in STEM(A) [STEM + Art] focused on a smart and sustainable future and organized by an Italian city. It will be held in April, the month dedicated to STEM(A). The hackathon will be particularly focused on sustainability topics and on gender equality problems (Gender Gap), in order to promote the mixing of STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with those developed during studies in the humanistic field.

STEM in the City: Milan and Open Search Network for Hack@MI

Open Search Network, an Italian company based in London, following the success of the hackathon organized as part of the C1A0 EXPO 2019 (Artificial Intelligence Exposition Genova 15 and 16 November 2019), announces that they have reached an agreement with the City of Milan for HACK@MI, the first hackathon for STEM(A) focused on a smart and sustainable future and organized by an Italian city.

HACK@MI will accompany the entire #STEMintheCity 2020 SUSTAIN THE FUTURE until the final evening, when the awards ceremony will be held.

#STEMintheCity 2020 will kick off in April, internationally recognized as the month of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The training program will be structured and rich in content. It will involve students of all levels from the Municipality of Milan and the Metropolitan City to university graduates.

STEM Marathon

The event will culminate with the STEM Marathon, from 27 to 29 April 2020. Three days dedicated to the promotion of STEM, organized and coordinated directly by the City of Milan in collaboration with selected partners, including OSN.

These three days will be inaugurated by a major opening event and will continue with training courses, role modeling meetings, exhibitions and shows.

HACK@MI Final Data Challenge

The HACK@MI Final Data Challenge will take place on 28 April 2020. It will be a 24-hour marathon that will conclude the first hackathon for STEM(A) focused on a smart and sustainable future and organized by an Italian city.

HACK@MI, for the first time, will unite mathematical-scientific data analysis and ethical-humanistic approach to solve the sustainability issues.

The HACK@MI awards ceremony will be held during the institutional evening that will conclude the month of the STEM, now in its fourth edition; with constantly growing public and interest.

Sustainability and gender gap

The 2020 edition focuses on sustainability. The topic is of crucial interest to society as a whole.

#STEMintheCity 2020 aims to help generate greater awareness of sustainability scenarios and to be an opportunity for analysis, study and debate. The STEM disciplines, in fact, are among the directions that new generations can take to make a positive change towards a sustainable economy and society. For this reason, the union of STEM with Art is a further strong point of the project by the Opens Search Network and the Municipality of Milan.

Particular attention will be given to the problem of gender inequality. The Gender Gap, in fact, is still an open issue.

As a matter of fact, the 2019 ITU data reveals that in most countries of the world women are still lagging behind men in taking advantage of the power of transformation that digital technologies offer. The Gender Gap is growing.

It is estimated, for example, that more than half of the world’s female population (52%) is not using the internet compared to 42% of men.

Nowadays STEM offers numerous opportunities for work, representing the fastest growing sectors, and they will continue to do so for a long time. The STEM fields, therefore, are also able to offer valuable career opportunities to women, who will become more and more involved.

«I am happy and excited for having brought Open Search Network to collaborate with the City of Milan, a city that adopted me as a student in 1998 and with which I maintain a very close relationship, even though life led me to live in London. HACK@MI allows Open Search Network and the Open Data Playground platform to put their expertise at the service of social issues such as sustainability and the future. Environmental protection is a key focus for me, as well as the gender inequality in STEM areas».

Aldo Razzino, founder & CEO di Open Search Network.

Razzino then concluded:

«According to the indications given by the evolution of the international market, human-scientific skills will be playing an increasingly central role in building a sustainable future. A future in which data analysis and management will be a fundamental pivot for building our evolution».

The HACK@MI dream is therefore beginning to take shape. It will be an event that will combine expertise, innovation, the public and the private sector.

It will be developed in 10 Data Challenges addressed to STEM(A) profiles called to solve 10 problems related to sustainability, during the 2 weeks of competition and the final marathon.

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