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Sustainable destinations for Earth Day

By Sara Stefanovic
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Earth day, is celebrated every year, one month and one day after the spring equinox, on April 22, to celebrate the environment and the preservation of the planet.

Protecting nature is achievable with everyone’s commitment and everyone’s energy. However, there are those who are gearing up to celebrate our planet in the best possible way. Following are some green actions promoted by the Dominican Republic in the Maldives, from Formentera to Israel, from the Aosta Valley and Gussago…

Aosta Valley – sustainability for the protection of the territory

Glaciers are one of the most precious elements of the Aosta Valley, they offer spectacular landscapes that are unique in the world. Save the Glacier, a project sponsored by Forte di Bard and Skyway Monte Bianco, within Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world, was conceived to support this delicate ecosystem. A five-storey building and fifteen thousand square meters of surface where every commercial proposal is ecological, recyclable and respectful of the environment.

Earth Day

Skyway Monte Bianco and Forte di Bard have given life to a narrative that raises awareness of the climate changes that involve glacial areas. A fun and engaging initiative, as well as green, is the one proposed by Bike4Heritage with the Graziella city tour. A different way to appreciate the city of Aosta, where the bike becomes the means of the tourist experience. For further information click here. What are you waiting for to celebrate Earth Day?

Gussago, sustainable Franciacorta

Sustainable practices are among the best tools we have available to take care of our Earth. These are small tricks, which can really make a difference. For example, Gussago, a municipality in the Brescia area in Franciacorta, launched “I travel by bike!” A project that rewards those who change habits and decide to use the bicycle on the home-work or home-school journey. It promotes the progressive reduction of the use of private motorized vehicles to contribute to the protection of the environment. The incentive envisaged is €0.25 per kilometer traveled from home to work to home and home to school/university to home, with a monthly limit of 50€.

Earth Day

Earth Day: Suddenly in Heaven

Dominican Republic biodiversity paradise for World Earth Day

The Dominican Republic is a paradise of biodiversity that needs to be preserved. It houses as many as 29 national parks and protected areas and represents the perfect habitat for over 6,000 species of plants and animals. The largest park, classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is the Jaragua National Park. The park is home to beaches, lagoons, dry tropical forests (a characteristic Caribbean biome) and coral islands. Not far away, the Sierra de Bahoruco is the only cloud forest in the Caribbean. To the southwest is the largest lagoon on the island, the Laguna de Oviedo, with a salt water level three times higher than that of the sea. One of the ideal destinations for bird watching. Also to the south it is possible to admire the sand dunes of Bani. Twenty square kilometers of sandy valleys and mountains that rise up to thirty-five meters.

Among the most interesting national parks, there is the Los Haitises park in Samanà, in the north east area. It includes a series of tall rock formations, caves nestled in dense expanses of mangroves. In one of the most remote and unspoiled areas of the country, the Valle Nuevo National Park amazes with dense coniferous forests and decidedly cold morning temperatures. In the northern Montecristi area are Cayos Siete Hermanos. Coral sand islets that offer an underwater universe to explore, with abundant wildlife, submerged forests, sandy bottoms and large rock walls. A fabulous destination for snorkelers and divers, day and night. And nearby is El Morro National Park, surrounded by a subtropical dry forest and vast expanses of mangroves. For more information.

Dunas de BanÌ

Israel, the future is green and sustainable

Israel is not just pilgrimages and the desert. There are over 60 natural parks that combine the archaeological wonders that we all know also places where it is the green that reigns supreme. An example of this is the Hula Valley in Galilee, a paradise for birdwatchers; the coral reef of Eilat, witness to the richness of the Red Sea; the numerous urban parks of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and many other hidden gems to be discovered such as Gamla, Banias and the Golan.

Earth Day

To safeguard an environment so strongly devoted to nature there are the kibbutzim. These are villages scattered throughout Israel where tradition and innovation meet to develop green technologies and new strategies for protecting the environment. Today they are a powerful generator of ideas for sustainable development: water recycling, organic farming, use and accumulation of clean energy… Israel is also one of the few countries in the world to dedicate a holiday to its greenery. It is TuBishvat, the New Year of the trees. A real moment of ecological awareness during which to plant new trees and thank the earth for its fertility. For more information.

Formentera, a model of sustainable tourism

Formentera, the smallest island of the Balearics, has for years been committed to protecting and safeguarding its natural environment and to pursuing an eco-sustainable tourism model. One of the most important practices implemented by the island is the commitment to preserve the Posidonia Oceanica meadows, a Unesco World Heritage Site for 20 years, which guarantee the clarity and transparency of the waters. Posidonia is an indispensable marine plant for marine life and for the protection of the coasts, thanks to its large production of oxygen and organic matter. For this reason, Save Posidonia Project was born in 2017. A fundraising program promoted by the Consell Insular de Formentera aimed at protecting and safeguarding the marine plant and raising awareness of the importance of these underwater grasslands.

Earth Day

There are many other environmental initiatives undertaken by the Consell. Among these: the regulation of vehicle transit within the island, aimed at reducing the pressure on local roads; the birth of the “Plastic Free Formentera” group of volunteers; campaigns in schools to inform and teach the citizens and raise awareness about the fragility of the area and the changes in the local flora and fauna. The organization of awareness days, such as the removal of stones stacked on the beaches. The scattered stones perform a fixation job, as well as being the habitat of small plants, invertebrates and lizards. For more information.

Maldives: virtuous example of sustainability

The Maldives are home to one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world which has always been at the center of numerous activities and research aimed at preserving it. There are many virtuous programs implemented in the destination.

Earth Day

For example, the Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives proposes some interesting projects to protect the environment in which guests can also actively participate. One example is the Coral Conservation Project aimed at preserving coral reefs by encouraging sustainable tourism. A second example is the Olive Ridley Project. It aims to study sea turtles through photographic identification that allows researchers to study the migratory habits and health of each specimen. In addition, the resort hosts a researcher from the University of Milan Bicocca who is involved full-time in collecting data useful for understanding the ecological dynamics of the organisms that inhabit the coral reef.

For further information.

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