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The anti-pollution closet

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An Air Jet cleans clothes

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Samsung’s anti-pollution walk-in closet airs and steams your clothes

We’re always on the move, and since recently, we’ve been experiencing the massive impact of pathogens on our lives. What if we told you that now there is a technology that can prevent your clothes from germs, dust, and unpleasant smells, as well as from wrinkling? We are talking about a real anti-pollution closet. It is called the  Samsung AirDresser and it was made by Samsung Electronics. 

A closet with a sanitizing jet  

AirDresser looks like a designer closet but goes far beyond the aesthetics. As a matter of fact, AirDresser comes with a series of programs designed to sanitize the clothes thoroughly! For instance, the Jet Air system releases powerful airflows from the top to the bottom to remove smog, dust, and dirt. 

Potenti flussi d'aria vengono rilasciati dal programma Air Jet.

At the same time, the deodorant filter removes up to 99% of the odors caused by tobacco, food, and dry cleaning!  

Goodbye mites thanks to the anti-pollution closet 

Jet Steam fa penetrare il vapore nei tessuti

The Jet Stream is a program that blows steam into the fabric, eliminating bacteria, mites, and viruses. The Heat Pump program can be used to dry the clothes at low temperatures, and the Anti-wrinkle program uses the combination of steam and air to iron the clothes without using an iron. Furthermore, the anti-pollution closet is self-cleaning! The Self Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the closet with a combination of air, steam, and heat.  

An app to control it 

AirDresser is a smart closet. It connects with the Samsung SmartThings app and can recommend various cleaning programs. Moreover, it can monitor consumption remotely and solve any problem. 

AirDresser si controlla da App

With just one click, it makes the iron a distant memory!  

You can purchase the ‘wonder closet’ on Westwing, the website that makes your home more beautiful.  

From the anti-pollution wardrobe to the Zeolite spray 

Did you know that your hair attracts smog? The hair shaft works like a sponge: it absorbs everything from the atmosphere through the outer cuticles, including fine-dust, exhaust fumes, heavy metals. The solution is using an anti-pollution spray in addition to the frequent washing of the hair. For instance, the  City Spray Solution della linea Guudcure

Lo spray anti inquinamento alla zeolite

It contains Zeolite, a group of minerals whose function is to purify the body and the hair from toxins, and therefore it helps the skin and hair to breathe and to maintain their vitality. Used daily both for the body and the hair, it guarantees an extended feeling of well-being.   

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