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The electric SUV Odyssey 21 participates in the 2020 Dakar

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The E-SUV Odyssey 21 will race through the deserts of Saudi Arabia joining the final stage of the 2020 Dakar Rally. This will be a great opportunity for Continental to test the performance of their special off-road summer and winter tires. The tires have been specifically designed for the E-SUV Odyssey 21. This revolutionary vehicle will be field-tested on the rugged, stony and sandy terrain of the African desert, awaiting the Extreme E 2021 Championship.


E-SUV Odyssey 21 was built by Spark Racing Technology, the manufacturer of Formula E cars. It is equipped with a battery supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering

The idea is to persuade the important manufacturers in this sector to take part in the championship organized by the Formula E team: a series of events organized in areas of the world that have been damaged by climate change

Companies interested in the idea will have the chance to change the look of the Odyssey 21; changing the bodywork; the hood; front and rear bumpers; side skirts and lights to make the model look like their road car models. They can also develop their own powertrain.

In preparation for Extreme E 

Odyssey 21 will take part in the 42nd edition of the Dakar Rally, ending on January 17 in Al-Qiddiya. The car with Continental wheels will be the protagonist of the first championship for electric SUV – Extreme E in January 2021.

The E-SUV will make its debut during the last stage of the most famous rally raid in the world. Odyssey 21 will race through the impervious deserts of Saudi Arabia driven by the French off-road driver Guerlain Chicherit. 

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Odyssey 21 at Dakar 2020 

Taking part in Dakar 2020 represents a unique opportunity for Continental to give a sneak peek of the performance of their special off-road summer and winter tires specifically designed for the E-SUV and to test the revolutionary vehicle on the rugged, stony, sandy bottoms of the African desert, before tackling these challenging landscapes again during the Extreme E Championship. 

The Odyssey 21, equipped with Continental tires, and dressed in a special “desert” livery, has already made its appearance at other phases of the Dakar. It has also been displayed at the Jeddah Dakar Village and at the shakedown before the official start of the race. 

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