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The Metropolitan Enigma of Ferragamo

By Editorial Team
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Between suspense, intrigue and beauty, the Spring-Summer 2021 collection is revealed through the online game ENIGMA. Ferragamo’s new digital experience aims at an interactive dialogue with the new generations.

A game, an investigation, and a path studded with mysterious clues invite the audience to enter the suspenseful atmosphere of the Spring-Summer 2021 collection. Salvatore Ferragamo unveils ENIGMA – an online game that stimulates interactive dialogue with customers in order to tell in an alternative way, and through the dimension of the game, the intriguing universe of PE21 and the iconic elements of the brand.

Enigma tests your memory, spirit of observation and intuition skills. A game experience that addresses the new generations, redesigning, through entertainment, the frontiers of these suspended times. 

Enigma, not by chance, is the new stage of the brand’s digital innovation path. It draws inspiration from the Fashion Film signed by the director Luca Guadagnino, a cinematic evocation of the Spring-Summer 2021 season, which introduces its themes and atmospheres. Filmed in an unusual Milan, it is a tribute to the city and Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces, which inspired the PE21 collection.


Solve the ENIGMA

Users are invited to solve 4 enigmas through 4 different games, exploring some locations in Milan used for the Fashion Film. Players will take on the role of contemporary investigators on the hunt for clues. Especially thanks to attractive graphics and animations that recall the refined and colorful aesthetics of the brand.


Level after level, through content familiar to all generations, such as memory, players will get closer to solving the metropolitan puzzle. Unlocking, little by little, exclusive content using the brand’s representative codes.

Ferragamo’s path of innovation continues.

ENIGMA is part of Ferragamo’s important path of digital innovation, paved with milestones such as the Virtual Showroom. The latter has seen Ferragamo as one of the first brands to propose a digital solution, in collaboration with Hyphen – by Tramezza Made-to-Order, Microsoft, Evolus – and the Virtual Boutique Tour. Not to mention the brand’s new website ferragamo.com with a completely renewed, more effective and intuitive navigation experience. 


Enigma was born from the idea of enriching the interaction between Ferragamo and the public, increasing the brand’s ability to engage even with the new generations, using the universal language: the game. It is an innovative and ambitious digital experience. In addition to unveiling the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, it aims to create a dynamic engagement with players who, through simple moves, can choose to penetrate the Ferragamo universe through the touchpoints, both digital and physical, with which they are most familiar.

Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, CEO of the company

These are projects aimed at constantly improving customer engagement and service, combining cutting-edge technology, omnichannel services and Ferragamo’s exclusive savoir-faire. From the optimization of the customer journey to better management of the spaces in the physical stores, from the simplification of the purchasing methods to a better assistance service.

Click here to start playing and…. let the game begin!

3 min read


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