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The Pool Restaurant where dreams come true

By Editorial Team
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The Dreams Factory at the Fantasia Bahia Principe Hotel in Tenerife is a Pool Restaurant where dreams come true. The first impression conveyed by estudi{H}ac, the studio founded by José Manuel Ferrero, is one of great passion. A drive that always pushes to propose new and fresh visions for design elements, interior projects and restaurant spaces. Indeed the philosophy of the studio is: to design for visionary clients.

A surprising graphic energy

At the Fantasia Bahia Principe Hotel of the Piñero Group in Tenerife, the Valencian studio created Dreams Factory – a Pool Restaurant where dreams become a reality. An original setting, characterized by freshness, joy and emotions, becomes an integral part of the restaurant.

Designing spaces for restaurants is a real challenge, where local suggestions come into play but also their opposite.

This leads to creating decontextualized environments, each characterized by its own narrative accompanied by a lively gastronomic offer.

pool restaurant

The inspiration behind this project stems from the idea of color and fun. The location and the layout of the space were designed to create a completely new concept of Pool Restaurant, spanning over 600 square meters.

An island as Pool Restaurant

Dreams Factory’s layout features a central island surrounded by four massive columns painted in red and white stripes, resembling giant candy canes.

pool restaurant

The central island is dominated by a sculpture of a large magic hat that radiates positive energy. A variety of graphic and colorful elements decorate the interior, transforming the venue into a pleasant and fun place.

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Food and fun also combine with cheerfulness in other areas of the restaurant, such as the menu service and the buffet area where salads, desserts, ice creams and toppings are served. The lightning is characterized by lights worked into original shapes, while the tables and chairs are arranged with soft and bright colors that are welcoming all guests seeking a singular dining experience in an environment capable of surprising.

pool restaurant

A system of mobile doors specially made for this project divides the interior from the terrace. A full-height graphic design formed by metal sections recalls the vegetation of the island of Tenerife.      

The same color tones found inside the restaurant can be found in the outdoor space, combined together like pieces of a large mosaic that create an explosion of colors, created specifically for the project.

2 min read

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