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The Sero, a Lifestyle TV

By Sara Stefanovic
2 min read

Technology is changing and moving more and more towards the generations that know it and handle it the most, the Millennials and the Gen Z. Samsung launches, in this regard, the new The Sero TV that wants to be an entertainment experience, throwing down the barriers between smartphones, tablets and TVs. A Lifestyle TV packed for social media, streaming platforms and games.

How does the Lifestyle TV work?

Once the smartphone is connected to The Sero, it adapts the orientation of the “traditional” screen by rotating 90 degrees, to reproduce the contents of the device in their original format, the vertical one.

Lifestyle TV

One of the exceptional features of The Sero is its smartphone mirroring capability which, thanks to the Tap View function, takes place simply and automatically. Thanks to the WiFi connection, you can make the Mirroring work. It allows you to play the audio and video files that are playing on your smartphone on your TV. Thanks to Tap View, you can simply place the Smartphone gently on the TV and it automatically detects the connection between the devices.

The Sero amplifies the mobile experience by moving it to a larger screen, so as to respond to the needs of consumers and guaranteeing them the technology and high quality that characterizes Samsung. “

Bruno Marnati, Head of the Audio Video Division of Samsung Electronics Italy.
Lifestyle TV

A new approach to home entertainment technology

If it wasn’t enough, Lifestyle TV also won the prize for innovative design at the International Forum (IF) Design Awards, The Sero is a real piece of furniture. What characterizes it is the fact that, when it is in standby, it transforms itself thanks to various options: poster, clock, photo, sound wall or projector.

Lifestyle TV

Beauty but also quality of both the image and the sound.

Adaptive Picture is the function that analyzes the light conditions of the surrounding environment and the contents visible on the screen and adjusts brightness and contrast. The Intelligent Voice Amplifier (AVA) identifies and eliminates external background noise. Thanks to an advanced process it automatically makes the voices on the screen clearer so as not to divert attention from the dialogues that matter.

Lifestyle TV

Other features are: firstly the possibility of reaching 100% of the color volume. This ensures realistic color reproduction regardless of the brightness of the scene. Secondly, we have HDR10 +, a new generation technology for the reproduction of images with a surprising visual impact. Finally, the Ambient Mode + function that offers new possibilities of use even when the TV is turned off.

2 min read

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