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The Silted Company: true and free like the waves

By Marco Cresci
4 min read

Founded by two Romagna based young men: Nicola Boccia and Riccardo Minoccheri, the unisex clothing brand, The Silted Company, draws inspiration from the culture of surfing and Japanese minimal shapes.

The Silted Company comes from a great passion, driven by the desire to propose a new style, not only in the way of dressing. The brand is strongly inspired and at the same time influenced by the culture of surfing, perceived above all as a lifestyle dictated by a philosophy open to change and rooted on healthy principles. This brand intends to celebrate the craftsmanship and creative culture that reside in our country with a creative collective made up of innovative surfers, designers, musicians, photographers and directors, who embrace the curious side of life and the positive changes in the world. We talked to Nicola Boccia.

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Nicola Boccia e Riccardo Minoccheri – The Silted Company

Where are you at the moment?

Nicola Boccia: «I’m in Forlì, at my place, I love staying in the countryside. It feels good!»

When and how was The Silted Company born?

Nicola Boccia: «The idea has evolved over time, in the sense that we started by creating basic items such as t-shirts with tailored applications. At the beginning we did simple things also because we were 16 and 17 years old. Having not studied, we learned everything in the field by informing ourselves, watching and experimenting. Fashion has always been a passion, it seemed like a game to us, and it finally turned into a job».

The Silted Company

Who designs your clothes?

Nicola Boccia: «We are all mentally connected, each of us has his own way: for example, I write everything on the notes of the telephone and then I sketch in a notebook. I look at everything and observe the world thanks to social media. However not having studied, I don’t know what I can and cannot do so if I like something I do everything possible to have it in the collection thanks to the help of a lab with which we have been collaborating for years».

What’s your brand identity?

Nicola Boccia: «We as a brand do a lot of research, everything is made in Italy but still accessible. I believe that our style is universal and to be so we need quality and attention to detail. We want to do what we like and keep living, we are surfers. That’s our background».

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Tell me about the new Spring Summer 21 “Solace” collection:

Nicola Boccia: “The ss 21 collection is called Solace because we really wanted to convey the idea of comfort and ease to those who decide to wear it. As if to give a kind of well-being thanks to the use of soft and light colors and materials that give you a feeling of comfort».

What is the criteria behind the choice of your clothes? How important is eco-sustainability for you? Surfers are particularly sensitive about this topic.

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Nicola Boccia: «Sustainability is a very important aspect, we do everything possible to reduce our impact on the environment. We try to use Italian raw materials and then we try to reduce the treatments and washing of our fabrics as much as possible. In our small way we work hard even with organic cotton capsules».

Where do you like to surf, have you traveled the world to chase the perfect wave?

Nicola Boccia: «Unfortunately I have not traveled the world like many of my“colleagues”. I’ve travelled Europe and then California. I have two favorite places, one is Malibu where I think I will go to live sooner or later and then the second one is Canary Islands, with their crazy waves and good life».

What about Italy?

Nicola Boccia: «In Italy, surfing is becoming more and more widespread, there are small beaches in Romagna and Marche… However, Sardinia and Liguria and Tuscany are the best places to practice this sport».

The Silted Company

If you had to name a song that best represents the latest collection, what would it be?

Nicola Boccia: «I’m a huge music lover, but this question is very difficult. I listen to a lot alternative rock and everything revolving around it. Lately I’ve been listening to the Kooks and The Killers that I love madly, but also The Libertines and The Cure. I remember that I made a playlist for the collection and I think that if I had to choose a song I would choose a great classic which is Age of Consent by New Order».

Are social media important to you?

Nicola Boccia: «You are talking to someone who is not definitely not into social media, but we are trying to improve thanks to Lorenzo Franchini. We need social media to show our product, we don’t care about having millions of followers. We try to be as authentic as possible».

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4 min read


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