The theory of colors in fashion

By Giuseppe Di Rosalia
2 min read

Have you ever thought that the colors of “things” define their luck? There are very strong links between products and colors. Some people even those who are ready to swear that candies have different flavors based on the color they have.

The same happens with fashion

There is Prada green, which is the color of the brand’s stores. Then there is Hermès orange, Tiffany green, Louboutin red, Fendi yellow and so on.

It seems that even the world of sneakers has realized the importance of color theory. Given that the period we are experiencing which, stylistically speaking, can easily be defined as the era of sneakers (we are talking about over 20 billion sneakers produced per year), the companies that produce them are focusing their energies on the development of the theory of color.

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Therefore the colors we see on the shoes are not accidental. Although most of the leading brands in the sector have declared that some “historical” models remain the best sellers, such as the white Nike Air Force 1 which was the best-selling sneaker of 2020, new colorful products fuel the continuous buzz of lim .and built specifically to work on our subconscious.

Brands are equipping themselves with real work units dedicated exclusively to the search for color. The goal is obviously to push consumption beyond any functional logic in every way.

Between 70 and 90% of the unconscious judgment on a product is expressed in a few seconds based on its color. Which can excite or calm, increasing or decreasing our blood pressure. (It sounds like science fiction, but instead it’s all true).


New Balance relies on gray: perfect for an urban running shoe that refracts on concrete.

Nike is often identified with its Volt neon lime, thanks in part to Usain Bolt, who wore a pair at the 2012 London Olympics.

But there’s more. Between cultural references and evocative combinations, the most famous sneakers brands have conjugated trends, loyalty and memories from time to time, in the design and concept of the new models.

All the nuances of the most exciting sports, video games and TV series, but also the most famous historical, artistic, musical and cinematographic aesthetic codes, have been projected on tags, overlays, tabs and collars.

To win the hearts of fans, in short, the secret lies in the memory; color, like love, is the only solution.


We all have complex personal relationships with colors. Some particularly aggressive sneaker shades and models may seem interesting, for others only messy. The fact remains that in a contemporary ensemble the sneaker is often the focal point of perspective.

Even for the most functional or deliberately minimal clothing, no one can really ignore this extreme point of our figure.

This is why, now that we are finally returning to life, companies can no longer do without studying the psychology of color, without forgetting its irresistible virtual charm.

Written by
Giuseppe Di Rosalia
2 min read


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