The urban hypoallergenic techno-jacket!

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A techno-jacket made of Tyvek. Hypoallergenic, hyper glam, super light!

Tyvek is the material used to create special garments like the ones worn by CSI agents at crime scenes. Yes we are precisely talking about the white ‘suits’ that seem to be made of crinkled and very light paper. Well, that “paper” is a fantastic material, with unparalleled properties, created by DuPont in 1955. Bjanko decided to implement that material to create one of the most performing and most glamorous garments that fashion has ever seen. A urban, hypoallergenic and super glam techno-jacket.

The urban techno-jacket: light, thermal, hypoallergenic and glamorous!

An incredible technical fabric, which looks like paper but is, in reality, extremely resistant! Even perforation proof. The performance list is amazing: very light but super resistant, breathable, resistant to UV rays and chemicals. With out of the ordinary technical features.

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But it had never been used in a glamorous version. With reflective textures, bold colors, combinations that end up in a featherweight winter jacket. It is ncredibly light, flexible, tear-resistant or almost indestructible. And above all thermal, because it retains body heat and prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating. The Bjanko team thought about changing its intended use: creating a urban techno-jacket which is hypoallergenic, breathable, waterproof and glamorous.

urban hypoallergenic techno-jacket

The jacket is also recyclable and fireproof!

But the most surprising thing is the colors. Bjanko treated Tyvek like a normal dyeable fabric and this is the real news. The project was conceived in 2015, by a bounch of people who wanted to bring novelty and emotion to a market overwhelmed with products. Tyvek is made of high density polyethylene, woven and joined to create a resistant surface, as techno-fibers. What came out was miraculous: resistant to perforations, tears, water, UV rays, chemical agents! Completely recyclable, hypoallergenic, breathable, fireproof and dirt resistant!

There was only one problem: the material was difficult to dye. Tyvek was produced only in white. It was not possible to color it at temperatures below 80 degrees, which is the temperature used by more or less all printing systems and dyeing and heat sealing systems. But Bjanko’s team succeeded in this mission. Jackets, bags, accessories, costumes, shoes. After years of experimentation and testing, the coolest urban techno-jacket ever was born. And the fact that it’s hypoallergenic is even more important.

urban hypoallergenic techno-jacket

The characteristics of the urban hypoallergenic techno-jacket

Say goodbye to wind and rain, to the moisture that sticks to your body and to the fabrics that can’t resist urban living. Bjanko’s techno-jacket was born for the city. Tyvek is treated like any fabric, colored, coupled.

urban hypoallergenic techno-jacket

With faux fur inside the winter bomber jackets, or with the fleece combinations from the children’s collection, with extraordinary colors and play-proof ductility and resistance! Each jacket is hypoallergenic and antibacterial: Tyvek is used by special departments precisely because it is like a shield that can protect agents from pathogens at the crime scene. You can colorfully and safely slip into the urban scenery with this high-performance, foldable and storm-proof garment.

2 min read

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