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UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY, unlimited creativity

By Sara Stefanovic
4 min read

UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY is an innovative brand for design bags (strictly Made in Italy) that allows important designers from different fields designed their bags with no limitations on their creativity. The designers are the entrepreneurs of their own bag. They are the ones who tell the inspiration, the development process and the story of his bag.

UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY is a democratic platform that gives to anyone with an inspiring idea the possibility to create a bag deserving to be placed in the collection.

What prompted you to start this type of business?

The founder, Nicolò Gavazzi, worked for many years in the family business, Boffi. In those years he got to know many important international designers.

These figures are stars for those who know the world of design and architecture, but are little known to the rest of the world.

Nicolò Gavazzi thought it would be interesting to give these talents a bigger stage, that of fashion, especially bags, and give people the opportunity to wear something designed by these stars.

Was it difficult to bring together bags created by personalities that are often different from each other?

The beauty of UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY is that it boasts a business model that gives space to the possibility of making different creatives coexist. The result is a universe of different creatives with their own personality. So we manage to combine a very colorful bag, inspired by the kaleidoscope of her daughter, designed by Elena Salmistraro, with very simple, elegant and minimal bags by the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa.

Those approaching our website don’t just find out inspiring products by different creatives, they also learn about the creatives themselves, and about how they came to create that object.

Is there a common thread between the various collections?

For now, the common thread has been that the bags have been conceived by creators from the world of design and architecture. And this is clearly seen in the products that are considered more like objects. Timeless, never out of fashions, season-less.

We are starting to introduce more and more creators and from different backgrounds.

The common thread is the mix of innovative ideas by creatives and inventors even without a fashion background, high production quality, and the creative freedom that generates a new aesthetic. For example, Nendo, one of the most important design studios in the world, thought that, being our business entirely online, it might be interesting to design a bag that could be shipped flat to save on transport consumption. When customers receive it at home, they have to “build” it like an origami.


Every designer is free to create his/her own bag without any limitation, this results in new and unique aesthetics, because they are conceived by a person who is by definition unique, with his own personal background, taste, vision of the world….

What is your mission?

The world is full of unexpressed creative energy or confined to limited spaces, we unleash it by giving anyone the chance to wear it!

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Are design and fashion two sides of the same coin?

Design and fashion are two very different but also very similar worlds, two worlds that look at each other respecting and learning from each other. We try to bring some contamination between the world of design and the world of fashion.

The results can be seen by scrolling through the site’s products, surprising, sophisticated and intriguing creations.

What characterizes you most in terms of brand identity?

People and not products are at the center of the project.

For example, the German artist Regine Schumann who works a lot with Plexiglas and light in her works of art has created a bag with Plexiglas and light with us. It is obviously very particular. A cross between a product and a work of art. But for the customer it is immense charm to be able to wear a work of art by an artist!

What is the value of creativity for you? is it something you learn with experience?

We think that the best creativity can come both from those who make it a profession (eg, important artists, designers, architects), but also from anyone regardless of age, background, gender, nationality… So we give anyone the opportunity to present their own creative idea, and we produce the best ideas and bring them to the market!

4 min read

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