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Urban mobility: a new perspective

By Editorial Team
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mobilità urbana

The Zurich-based bag manufacturer Freitag and Made in London folding bike pioneer Brompton have many things in common. Both have made recycling – and thus circular thinking and acting – and cycling their philosophy of life. Both are also obsessed with quality and functionality and, deep down, they’re also a little crazy. They insist on keeping production in two of the most expensive cities in the world. Now the two inventors of products for people on two wheels have decided to join forces to create new sustainable solutions for urban mobility. The result? A prototype that allows you to see both bikes and bags from a new and very unique angle.

Freitag and Brompton have changed urban mobility

It all started in 1975 when Andrew Ritchie built the first Brompton. From then on, virtually indestructible folding bikes and small-wheeled bikes began to appear, changing urban mobility forever. In 1993, Daniel and Markus Freitag arrived with their first Messenger Bags made from old truck tarpaulins. These inventions showed the world how it is possible to produce sustainable and functional design objects even from simple scraps and how bags of a given model do not necessarily have to be all the same.

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Since 1993, Freitag has been giving old truck tarpaulins a new lease of life, transforming them into functional, water-repellent bags or accessories for urban nomads and bicycle enthusiasts. The manufacturer from the Zurich district of Oerlikon thinks and acts in a circular way and loves the bicycle. 

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Since 1981, Brompton has been offering urban nomads on bicycles plenty of space at home and the chance to choose every day whether to go to work on two wheels or by public transport. The company that pioneered the folding bike is not only based in London but also manufactures every single frame there, thanks to its skilled welders.

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Freitag X Brompton: new solutions

When riding a bike with a Freitag shoulder bag, urban nomads always find new ways to be individual, efficient and sustainable. Urban mobility has once again been transformed by these two great brands, teaming up for the first time. The two leading brands with global-urban DNA have decided to join forces to turn the world of backpacks upside down. The result is a backpack that attaches to the front wheel of the Brompton and seems to be sewn on.

urban mobility

F748 Coltrane turns urban mobility upside down

The F748 Coltrane is a special version of Freitag’s recycled backpack prototype. It has a rectangular shape and reveals its full potential when you turn it 90° and apply it to any Brompton folding bike.

  • It’s unique because it is made from used truck tarpaulins. The backpack attaches to the handlebars of your Brompton via an aluminum frame with Velcro® fasteners.
  • The backpack can be carried on the back with or without a frame and fits any Brompton bike with any type of handlebar.
urban mobility
  • Thanks to the use of magnets, the shoulder straps adhere like magic to the backpack’s screen, allowing it to be attached to the bike and detached with one hand and to travel safely.
  • The backpack features a padded main pocket made of recycled-PET fabric with quick access to the laptop compartment, closed by a double zipper.
  • It also has an external zippered pocket that can be easily accessed from the saddle when stopped at traffic lights.
  • The extra-long key lanyard allows you to open the front door even when the backpack is placed on the bike.
  • The backpack contains a mudguard made from the same tarpaulin, which can be fitted to Brompton’s front mudguard.
urban mobility

Available from Freitag Stores, Brompton Junction and

F749 Cooter: a useful little rarity

The F749 Cooter is the splash guard, easily fitted to any Brompton front mudguard. It is a small Freitag rarity for all Brompton owners who design to express their personality while riding.

urban mobility

Available from Freitag Stores, Brompton Junction and

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