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Vodafone: connected to society

By Editorial Team
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As part of the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona (June 28-July 1), Vodafone showed how connectivity and technology could improve societies, economies, industries and create a more sustainable world. Vodafone, reports the company’s website dedicated to the event, believes that:

The human spirit combined with innovation can do much to improve the way we all live and how we treat our planet.

Social commitment

At Mwc 2021, Vodafone celebrates its commitment to society as the foundation of everything it does as a company; with the Inclusion For All, Planet, and Digital Society initiatives.

Each shows how technology improves lives, connects for a better future, and enables an inclusive and sustainable digital world. It emphasizes the commitment to the social contract in the process.

According to Vodafone, the past year has accelerated digitization, and digital transformation as economies and societies rebuild better.

As Europe and Africa, in particular, rebuild, it is crucial that public investments increase access to digital services, which have become even more central to people’s lives over the past year.

There are challenges and opportunities to achieve this. Vodafone believes that through a greater partnership between private sector companies like Vodafone, development organizations, and governments, international development goals can be achieved.

20 Vodafone projects for the digital age.

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In the context of Mwc 2021, the company is showcasing on its website twenty projects that give concrete form to its digital approach to everyday life issues, from home to health, from work to training, according to the three macro initiatives under the theme of sustainability: inclusion (lilac), digital society (gray) and planet (green).

1 min read


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