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Wearable Chairs: when reality surpasses the imagination

By Sara Stefanovic
3 min read

Wearable chair, chairless chair, bionic pants, you can call it what you want, it is undoubtedly a great invention. They may look weird, but with a touch of style can become both of great use and stylish. Reality has surpassed the imagination: human beings enhanced with robotic parts can become a real trend.

Bionic Pants

These pants were conceived to be comfortable and functional, they can be implemented in order to keep workplaces efficient and promote a higher quality of life. Imagine you could sit everywhere, even when there are no chairs at disposal. Good ergonomics helps and promotes the performance of employees and this contributes to a higher level of productivity. Following the idea of the ergonomic workstations brands like Noone and Ofrees designed these pants to help industry workers support their back and keep them comfortable while they sit in midair.

The concept

The idea of chairless chairs sprung from the growing attraction to the assistive exoskeleton market. Many medical groups have been working on robot-like legs to help paralyzed people, in order to improve the quality of their life. At that point Noon came into play. The Swiss company had one idea in mind: making it easier for people to sit without the need for a chair. It is important to consider that many workplaces are very crowded and make it impossible to find space for chairs. Employees in these spaces are forced to stand all day. Thus, this technological invention can help them improve their posture and make it easier for them to get their jobs done without stress.

An ergonomic support: wearable chair

Think about all of the positions your body must get into when you lift heavy packages or stretch to lift something off of the top of a warehouse shelf. Having something that supports your back, hips, knees and legs while working is a great solution to prevent work accidents and thus to make heavy jobs easier. Even if these devices may seem something coming from the future, they are actually on the market and are being implemented by some companies, like Volkswagen. Moreover, these devices are not as expensive as you may think, it is possible to find a range of products that can fit everyone’s budget.

The three best options (and best-selling on the market) are obviously Noonee Chairless Chair, Ofrees Wearable Chair and LEX Wearable Chair by Astride Bionix.

Noone Chairless Chair

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Unfortunately Noone’s chairs are not yet available on the retail market, they only sell to companies. Let’s see together the characteristics: the device is adjustable to our body height between 1,60m to 1,95m and can support a body weight up to 113kg. It can be used by different kind of workers, and all parts are changeable and washable. Moreover, sitting height is adjustable too, and this enables the user to work at any height.

Ofrees Wearable Chair

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Price: 1000$

This wearable chair and backpack is a lower body exoskeleton frame that hugs your body, but at the same time allows you to move freely without feeling constrained. It can be folded, and easily transported wherever you need to go. The ‘invisible’ chair comes in five sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL), and can support a maximum weight of 120kg. It is possible to buy this wearable chair on Amazon for 1,000$ or directly on their website.

Wearable chairs can be used for a variety of purposes, in the office, in farms, in manufacturing workplace and even more…. even at museums if we want to admire a work of art comfortably seated.

LEX Wearable Chair

This wearable chair is the cheapest and is perfect for commuters, it stands up to 100 times its weight and enables you to sit anywhere with a perfect posture. Forget standing on your feed on the bus or on the train! You can bring you own chair with you all the time. Moreover, it supports your backpack, turning it weightless and reducing risk of shoulder injury caused by its weight.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è lex-1.jpg
Price: 118$
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