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Where is South? the virtual exhibition by Moleskine

By Sara Stefanovic
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On the first day of October, the Moleskine Foundation inaugurated a virtual exhibition entitled Where is South? aimed at redefining the word South itself. The event is held on the Moleskine Foundation Instagram profile and will last one month; it will be available until October 30th. The online initiative invites visitors to question the collective meaning of the term “global South”. The term has often labeled a part of the planet as inferior, less developed, impoverished. Now we want to give a new interpretation to this concept.

The artists are from the South, but Where is South?

The 90 artists who took part in the project come from 5 countries; Gabon, Mozambique, United Kingdom, United States of America and Italy. Their aim is to free the word South from the negative ideological connotation that surrounds it, reinterpreting it in a personal way.

where is south

The works of Where is South exhibition are the creative result of ArtWork, the edu-creative and nomadic workshop of the Moleskine Foundation. It was born with the aim of enhancing the creative potential of young people through critical thinking, intense debate and a path of personal discovery. This orchestra is directed by Simon Njami, Foundation advisor and co-creator of AtWork, as well as an illustrious author and curator of contemporary art.

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Moleskine notebooks are works of art, literally

More than 90 Moleskine notebooks have become meaningful miniature works of art. The exhibition redefines the meaning of a word full of ideological connotations, in a historical moment in which we want to create a more equal society.

where is south

Artists used tools of all kinds, painting, collage, scissors, saws, cables, chains and much more… With all the means at their disposal, the participants of ArtWork have created works that ignite the debate and challenge the concepts like independence, identity, boundaries (both real and imagined), history, memory, self-recognition and awareness.

Our goal is to create a welcoming creative space where young people can exercise their critical thinking, get out of their comfort zone and feel free to question the society in which they live.

 Adama Sanneh, CEO of Moleskine Foundation

Participants are all 18 – 27 years old and all boast an artistic background.

We are talking about choreographers, entrepreneurs, curators, stylists, directors, photographers, founders and leaders of non-profit associations, poets, visual artists, art directors and other emerging artists.

Where is South? was born from Moleskine Foundation intention to promote the development of creative communities around the world. The Foundation used unconventional experiences and educational tools to enhance the creative potential of young people. A particular focus was given to the most disadvantaged communities, adopting an inclusive approach to the benefit of participants.

where is south

But Moleskine didn’t do it all by itself. The foundation was supported by partners who contributed to the realization of the workshops in the various countries. Among these: the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Venice, as part of the “Rothko in Lampedusa” exhibition; the “Young People’s Program” project of the Tate Modern in London; Pfwura Ndzilo and ANIMA in Maputo, Mozambique; the NGO Mukasa, the Institut Français Gabon and the Musée National des Arts et Traditions du Gabon in Libreville, Gabon; and the Africa Center in New York.

3 min read

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