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Whiskey with an E: journey to Ireland

By Editorial Team
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May 15 is an opportunity to discover its unique characters and understand why whiskey is so appreciated around the world.

Inspired by the old Gaelic phrase uisce beatha, meaning water of life, this drink is at home in Ireland. It is the place that gave it its name, the home of distillation and the country that has been producing it the longest.

Whiskey with an E, from the oldest distillery in the world

The first written reference to whiskey distillation is found in the Red Book by Ossory, written in Ireland in 1324; almost two centuries earlier, therefore, the first written record of whiskey distillation in Scotland.

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The world’s oldest licensed distillery, Old Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim, has always spelled the word with an e. Yes, in the home of whiskey, the e is important, though taste matters more.

Irish whiskey has faced a phenomenal resurgence, growing from four to 38 distilleries – 24 of which are open to visitors – and experiencing 140% sales growth worldwide over the past decade.

William Lavelle, Head of Drinks Ireland

The Irish one is unrivaled in variety

Well known for its smoothness and drinkability, the Irish type of this beverage has a depth and variety that is unrivaled by other competitors. The much-loved spirit is currently experiencing an incredible resurgence in popularity around the world, with millions of lovers flocking to the burgeoning list of distilleries on the island of Ireland that offer unique tours and experiences. These are both long-standing establishments and new distilleries.

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 Irish whiskey is distinguished by its depth and variety. Whether you decide to discover our distilleries or simply savor one of our labels, there is a wealth of excellence on offer.

William Lavelle, Head of Drinks Ireland

Among affordable options and several high-end rarities, there are world-renowned Irish brands to savor, such as Kilbeggan, Tullamore D.E.W. and Teeling, as well as unique new distilleries co-named Glendalough, Slane and Echlinville.

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On World Whiskey Day, why not start with the world’s most famous Irish whiskey?

Jameson has been around since 178, and for a good reason. Enthusiasts love this smooth whiskey for its high quality and reasonable price.


Why not celebrate with a Bushmills Single Malt aged 10 years?

Triple distilled from 100% malted barley; aged for a minimum of 10 years in old sherry and bourbon barrels, which give Bushmills an aroma of honey, vanilla and milk chocolate.


If you want to try a relatively new brand, Roe & Co is a good choice. Produced in Dublin’s whiskey district called the Liberties, this single malt blend is inspired by George Roe, a world-renowned whiskey producer who helped build the golden age of Irish whiskey in the 19th century.


For those who prefer to experience tasting on the island, when you are able to travel back, they will welcome you with open arms. Through IrishWhiskey360°, in fact, it is possible to plan your itinerary. The portal provides a map and information about the most important distilleries of the island that offer tours, tastings and reveal curiosities and secrets of their golden elixirs.

3 min read


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