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Wine Jewels, wine at hand

By Sara Stefanovic
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Wine Jewels is a jewelry line born under the sign of wine, a unique design that includes various types of wine in its spheres. We decided to meet Nicola Reino, to ask him how this unique idea of putting wine into jewels was born.

Wine Jewels is certainly a unique project, because it represents Italian spirit in its union between design and taste. How did this idea come about?

Contrary to what one might think, behind this project there is no winery, but a jewelery manufacturer, Iris Art, based in Siena. My business was born in 2006, while the Wine Jewels collection is much more recent, it is only one year old.

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The idea came to me in Murano, during a glass manufacturing course. Just as I was juggling with this material, creating spheres, I thought: what could I put inside? I inquired and realized that one could put any type of liquid inside them, from there to the wine it was a short step.

Where does the wine you put in the jewels come from?

I live in an area where wine plays an extremely important role, so I decided to start from made in Tuscany wines. We took the four main colors of the wine, from dark red to white, also including rosé. Basically the wines are: dark red Merlot, bright red Sangiovese, Sangiovese rosè and Chardonnay as regards white wine.

Wine Jewels

We don’t always with the same companies, we say that we like to collaborate with anyone who produces wine and wishes to create a gadget to distribute or sell during tastings. We are open to collaborations, especially with wine bars that, hosting many tourists, want to stand out by selling something special.

But how do the jewels of the Wine Jewels line survive the constant movement of everyday life? Don’t they get ruined?

The jewels are made of silver and tempered glass. While I was taking the course as a master glassmaker I learned many things about tempered glass. The wine is completely sealed and does not change color, does not oxidize and does not evaporate.

Wine Jewels

Basically this process allows you to insert anything inside the jewelry, and the content won’t be in any way affected by external agents.

How is the jewelry collection composed?

There are five products, but they are based on the wine that the customer prefers. On the site you can select the wine you want to encapsulate and choose which jewel to put it in. We have two types of women’s earrings, a necklace and a ring, while for men we have thought of a pair of cufflinks.

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Stud earrings are certainly the most essential model of the Wine Jewels line, however, depending on the wine color, they can represent both the most captivating and the brightest option.

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Unlike the previous version, this line of dangling earrings gives movement and freshness to the jewel. All while remaining faithful to the essence of the collection, the drop of hanging wine gives dynamism to the aesthetics of the jewel.

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The necklace wanted to be more fun and delicious, the design here recalls the movement too. The bottle, also in 925 silver, is on a slope and a precious drop of wine comes out of its top, even in this case we find the the four main colors. This necklace tells us the essence of wine, which is a happening, a gesture, a sharing. The perfect gift.

Do you want to come and taste with me?

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Finally we have the ring, the wonderful tip of the Women’s Wine Jewels collection. The dome, in tempered glass, contains an even more visible drop that enhances the hand with a simple but elegant style and, thanks to the linear model, is suitable for all occasions. Clearly it is the perfect jewel for those who, during the day, would like to always have a drop of wine at hand.

We finally reach the male branch of the collection, the cufflinks.

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It’s safe to say that cufflinks really exist in all shapes and sizes, however it is difficult to find a pair that is characterized by taste. These cufflinks, as well as being certainly worthy of an explanation, have an aesthetic that adapts to any type of look. They are worth showing off on any occasion.

What about WIne Jewels future?

The jewels of this line will learn to adapt to new tastes in the near future. From wine we will move on to cocktails, with a collaboration with Mr. Bubbles based in Verona. This co-branding is special because they take particular care about craftsmanship too. Their cocktails, in fact, are handmade and ready-made. They will provide us with the raw material and we will create the earring with the drink. Then it will be sold in a wine packaging that containing the coctail and the earring. This line will be available in the shop and at fairs.

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Then, surely, we would like to export the product. We have already had the opportunity to sell our products in Europe, having an online site that gives the possibility to buy products all over the world. We sell a lot in Italy and we would like to export to the United States, as Americans are real Wine Lovers. They are very passionate about it and they produce a lot of wine too, but they always keep our country as a reference point.

4 min read

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