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Wolva: good on you and good for planet earth

By Sara Stefanovic
7 min read

Wolva is the first brand producing sustainable disposable period care product. It’s all made from natural ingredients, this brand’s products are both vegan and carbon negative. Just as importantly, they suit every body and every skin type. Good on you and good for planet earth. Wolva was born in a forest in Southern Finland by a core team of seven strong women (and two very helpful men). Their mission is to bring you products that are as healthy and as safe on you as possible, as beautiful as possible and as good for the planet as possible. For them, the forest is a source of raw materials, a source of inspiration and place to renew their strengths. We decided to met them and ask them a few questions about their project.

Menstrual products are both a taboo and a serious problem for the environment, why did you decide to start this business?

The story of Wolva began over 40 years ago – ever since we have been passionate about manufacturing skin friendly hygiene products in a sustainable way. Delipap Oy is a family owned company from Finland. We launched our first fully biodegradable feminine product range in Finland already back in 2009. Soon we realized that there was a growing demand for sustainable feminine care in other European countries as well. Wolva is the first brand of Delipap Oy to be launched abroad.

There is a demand for sustainable disposable period care, because not all women like to use a menstrual cup or reusable menstrual pads. All disposable products are not made with careful choices of ingredients or with environmental values considered in each step, sadly to say.

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There are several reasons behind the launch of Wolva, but most importantly we wanted to develop sustainable and amazing products and – at the same time talk about exactly this: the Taboos around menstruation.

In your opinion, why has it been so difficult to start the production of disposable menstrual products? 

Our company has a long history in making sustainable feminine hygiene products and therefore a lot of experience. But of course it is always a challenge to find the right balance between making disposable products and at the same time making the best decisions for the environment. Finding the perfect raw materials, suppliers who live up to our requirements and delivering a premium quality product is our daily challenge. 

When the company first was founded, the products were developed to be skin friendly and sustainable at the same time. With every new product we produce, we still aim for those goals. This is why we, with every Wolva product, consider the entire life cycle of the product from the perspective of the environment, from the raw material selections all the way up to the products’ disposal. This is definetely a challenge but also the only possible way for us to act.

What is your mission?

Our company’s mission is to have brave hearts, learning minds and a deep respect and love for nature. With Wolva we want to take this mission to our every user off our products in a concrete way. We want to bring every woman menstrual products that are as healthy as possible, as beautiful as possible and as good for the planet as possible.

Of course we want to offer a high quality, skin friendly and honestly sustainable alternative to the usual disposable period products. But we also want to be more than just another brand. Together with launching a new product line, we have also launched Voice of Wolva

In this section of the homepage the customer finds valuable information about feminine topics and those Taboo‘ topics you referred to in the first question. We think our menstrual cycle and also our period are a vital part of our body and are just natural. Why should we be ashamed of those topics? With Voice of Wolva we offer informative articles, free downloads like our Period Recipe Book and soon also Wolva Talks.

Wolva Talks will highlight the stories of individual women that give inspiration and wisdom for empowerment and self-care. Our first Wolva Talk will feature a Yoga and Mindfulness trainer, who talks about feminine hormones and the concept of Hormone Yoga. 

The idea is to empower women, so they are able to embrace the force of the menstrual flow. Our aim is to build a community where women will empower each other.

We have even written a strong statement that we act after:

What are the problems caused by non-disposable menstrual products?

In general, every menstruating human being should be able to choose the product most suitable. If nature is taken into consideration with that choice – even better. Which brings us straight to the point.

There is a demand for disposable period care, because not everyone likes or is able to use a menstrual cup or reusable menstrual pads. Also, there might be situations in which you are not able to empty or hygienically rinse the cup. Also for those occasions our Wolva products are a great solution.


With non-disposable period products it is important to keep the sustainability of the used raw materials in mind. The whole product chain should always be considered when talking about the sustainability of a product.

Regular disposable products are usually made from synthetic materials and traditional plastics, often having a scent from artificial fragrances added Those products are neither good for sensitive skin nor sustainable in any way. They will just add to the immense amounts of trash that we have already produced. 

You are the first carbon negative women’s hygiene product line, what’s next?

Well, that is a good question to ask. We have just launched Wolva on January 14,with the first products being sanitary pads and pantyliners.

We are constantly working on the development of the brand, but can’t tell you much more details yet. Let us put it this way: it will be worth following the journey of Wolva.


Why should a women buy your products? 

If sustainability is a topic she cares about, but she also wants to have the highest premium quality period products. Wolva offers the users a disposable, yet sustainable option. Certified by the EU-Ecolabel and the V-Label, being both biodegradable and 100% vegan.

A woman should buy Wolva products, because it is truly the best choice both for her and the environment. Excellent product quality combined with a fully transparent life cycle where the environmental impact is taken into consideration in each step to make the carbon footprint as small as possible. 

All CO2 emissions that are left, are overcompensated by favoring the Gold Standard certified projects under the UN Climate Neutral Now program, an offset system established by the UN and WWF to provide projects that reduce carbon emission with the highest level of environmental integrity and contribute to global sustainable development.

Will it be possible to find your products in supermarkets soon?

It was a clear choice to launch Wolva online. The packaging sizes for example, are adapted to the online environment – by having bigger sizes we also save packaging materials. We want Wolva to be easily available to everyone. But this is the starting point and of course supermarket can be an option in the future.


What would you suggest to people who want to start a greener lifestyle?

Start small!

It all starts with small steps. The biggest mistake we as human beings often do, is striving to perfection. We see those sustainable influencers on Instagram and think we could never be like them. The truth is, that it‘s the daily, tiny decisions we make, that make a big difference in the end. Every journey starts somewhere – the important thing is to start. With that one tiny decision.

Conscious consumption is a great way to start. How about the products that you consume on a daily basis? Who is the company selling the product and how does it act? Research companies, raw materials and production processes. Get engaged and ask yourself – where can I easily make better decisions?

If you have friends who already live a more sustainable life, ask them for advice!

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you start the journey into more sustainability. Just remind yourself: Nobody is perfect. Every tiny step has an impact!

7 min read

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