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Woodstock by Canoo – The journey of the future

By Stefano Russo
3 min read

August 1, 2023. Here we go. Finally! The first real trip, after months of lockdown. The first real summer festival, after an excessively long period without concerts. No, that’s not a typo. No, we’re not going in a canoe. Canoo is my new 100% electric pick-up. The transport of my dreams. The one that will take us to Woodstock 2023.

This monster on four wheels is everything a vintage soul geek like me ever wished for. It’s incredibly cool and looks like it came from the future. It will accompany us on our journey across the United States to see some of our favorite artists. Normally that would be the highlight of the adventure, but in this case, the real highlight will be the trip.

For a month, my Canoo will be our transportation, our home and our office.

There are three of us, all digital nomads, some by choice, some by accident. There was no need to take vacations from boring offices to come back to at the end of it all. Taking advantage of the dozens of power outlets, USB’s and other gadgets in my pickup, we’ll be working seamlessly. Only we’ll be doing it from the most beautiful places America has to offer.

It’s all planned out: work stops, battery charging stops (ours and my Canoo’s), tourist stops. The festival is just an excuse, though it will probably go down in history for its importance. We have everything we need with us.

There are three of us, it’s true, but the load capacity of my pick-up makes it bigger than my room in college.

This is life today. And it couldn’t be better. 9 to 5? Just a bad memory of a time that, thankfully, is about to disappear. I can already imagine when we’ll be telling our grandchildren what life was like before the pandemic. What it was like to spend three-quarters of your existence repeating the same day over and over again. Now everything makes sense. We live the world; we live in the world, we work in the world.

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My favorite part of this trip, though, will undoubtedly be the nights. We will sleep in a tent set up on the roof of my Canoo, in incredible places on the shores of beautiful lakes as well as in the middle of vast canyons. If my father could get there in his old Buick station wagon, it won’t be a problem to get there in such a vehicle.

What’s that? The festival? Oh right, sorry, I’m so excited about my Canoo that I almost forgot about the festival. Well, it looks like guitars are back in style. The headliners will all be oldies from a still very analog past. Metallica, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Rolling Stones (yes, they are still alive) and so on.

They are the healthy historical memory of our past.

The right one to transport us into this new, bright future. The new generation has yet to have time to become so great. But surely this world will allow them to do so.

3 min read

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